Simple Health Knee Support Sleeve Wrap, Adjustable Compression Brace for Magnetic Pain Relief with Neoprene Copper


I am a gym rat, and belong to 3 different gyms.  I workout 7 days a week, and also at home, so wanted some protection for my right knee.  That is why I have been using the Simple Health Knee Support Sleeve Wrap/Brace.

This is a much bigger sleeve/brace than any of my other ones.  As you can see in my photos, and the video, just click on the link as it is a long one, and you will see how much protection you get.

I tore my meniscus a few months back, and it has left my knee much weaker.  Therefore I need excellent protection when I am boxing/kick boxing, lifting weights, Zumba, and circuit training.

I wore it last Friday for my boxing lesson, and my knee was great.  I tried it for an hour Zumba class, and did my 6,000 dance steps.  Then today, at my home I was using the speed ball, it stayed in place, and apart from being a little warm on that knee, it was very supportive.

From the Amazon website: ‘ SUPERIOR SUPPORT: Hand-crafted “No Slip” frustration-free design eliminates annoying Knee Brace and Ankle Brace sliding during everyday activities.  MAGNETIC THERAPY: Discover soothing magnetic therapy to boost blood circulation with the latest in knee pain technology.  PAIN RELIEF: Helps relax and relieve your knee pain, enabling greater use and flexibility throughout the day with guaranteed 92% more knee support.  NEW & IMPROVED: Introducing our newest 3 strap model, guaranteed to provide even greater patella and knee support.  LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Backed by Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee, giving you peace of mind so you’ll always get a hassle free Knee Brace and Ankle Brace replacement for life.’

I am really delighted that I got it at a discount, as it will be used whenever I am doing strenuous exercise.

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  1. Just stopped by, and said, “Hey, wait a minute.” I had a slight tear in my ACL. It is healed, but my right knee still gives me trouble once in a while. I’m starting to use my heavy bag again for kicking, and I’m afraid of re-injuring it. I’ll check out the one you’re using.

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