Raniaco Felt Pads, 136 Pieces Furniture Protector Felts Pads with Durable Self-Stick Adhesive ,Hardwood Floor Protector Pads with Assorted Sizes -Brown

When we moved into the condo, there was carpeting in the lounge/dining area, and bedrooms.  Initially we were going to put tile in, but so glad that I didn’t, because we are at the age of being a fall risk.  So the furniture has made indentations in the carpet.

That’s why I was delighted to receive the Raniaco Self-Sticking Pads.

It does say for hardwood floors, but I like to use them under any piece of furniture.

There are:

  • 136 pieces per pack— 64 (0.79”) – Round , 25 (1 3/8”) – Round, 36 (1 1/8”) – Square, 9 (2 3/8”) – Square, and bonus 2 piece of felt pads with 7.5” x 7.5” that you can cut it as you need.
  • 0.197 inch (5mm) extra thick pads offer a extraordinary great protection between furniture and floor.’

We have started putting them under smaller items of furniture, such as coffee tables, but will be emptying bookcases, and chest of drawers, so that we can stick them underneath these too.  There are so many ways you can use them.

I have some ornaments that may tilt over, so plan on checking each one, and sticking them down with the felt adhesive pads.  They work really great.

I did received these at a discounted price, and chose to write a review about them.



  1. Yes, Susie, we use a lot of them around the house. I have a dining table with thick glass top. It takes four guys to just lift the glass top. The table is brass, sitting on a tile floor. After I put the pad under each leg, I could slide the table, it makes moving easier as well as for protection!

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