Liumy Laser Distance Meter 131 Ft Rangefinder, LCD Backlit Handheld Measuring Device, Level and Mute Functions for Single-distance Measurement / Continuous Measurement / Area / Pythagorean Modes

This is a product that my husband wanted.  When the Liumy Laser Distance Meter arrived, I handed it straight over to my husband.  

It comes with an Owner’s Manual, that has a quick start, Initial Operating and Settings, Distance Measurement, Functions, and Trouble Shooting.  Normally my husband doesn’t read the manual, but he had the product in one hand, and the instructions in the other.

After a few minutes, he had it working.  He was going around the house, and measuring different areas, and places.  I am wanted new furniture, and I think this will be great, as I won’t have to move the furniture, or climb on it, to measure the area I have available.

As I am not technical at all, I am giving you this information from the Amazon webpage: ‘

  • →HIGHT ACCURACY: accurate to ± 0.005 feet laser precision technology, horizontal bubble is more convenient to adjust the measurement angle, the measurement range extended to 131Ft.
  • →SILENT DESIGN AND ANTI-GLARE DESIGN: to open the mute function for indoor libraries and other places where quiet work, anti-glare design so that the rangefinder in the sun is still able to work.
  • →DURABLE AND RESONABLE DESIGN: IP54 dustproof and waterproof, pocket size. Anti-drop waterproof and dustproof, more convenient to carry.
  • →MORE INTELLIGENT DESIGN: LED backlight for dark and night use, 3 Min Automatic Shutdown and 30 seconds laser auto-off function to save power.
  • →MULTI-FUNCTION: Pythagorean method-three points, area, volume, continuous measurement, addition and subtraction, Single-distance Measurement.

My husband is very pleased with it, it looks really smart, easy to hold, and durable.  He has added it to his collection of tools.  A very happy guy.

I did receive this item at a discounted price, and wanted to let you D.I.Y guys know that these are available.

LIUMY Tactical Flashlight, 2960 Lumen Ultra Bright LED Flashlight, IPX7 Water Resistant XML Flashlight, Handheld Spotlight with 5 Mode / 450 Meters for Outdoors (Camping,Hiking, Cycling Use)




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