ZIAN Aerator Lawn Shoes Sandals Set – 4 Adjustable Straps with Metal Buckles for Heavy Duty Work – Spiked Shoes for Grass Aerating Lawn Soil Garden

Is you lawn looking good this summer?  If not you may need to give it some tender loving care, and you can do it with the ZIAN Aerator Lawn Shoes.  

These came with everything you need to set them up.  However, I had no instructions with mine, so

the seller immediately got them to me.  They were very straight forward to do.  You push the nails through the holes, and then secure them with the nuts.  Once done, you then thread the straps through the holes.

Putting them on is easy, as you push on the click, to release it, and bring the strap through, and release it to lock it in place.

Then off out into the garden.  You can walk up, and down your grass/turf/sod, or if you are mowing it, it can be done then.  No extra steps or work are needed.

From the Amazon webpage: ‘

  • CHEAPEST, EASIEST SOLUTION – Lawn aeration shoes are cheaper than an aerator machine rental, and easier than using a hand lawn aerator!’

They come with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE , so why not give them a try, and if for any reason you are not happy with them, you haven’t lost out.

I did receive mine for free, and wanted to share how easy these are to use with you.




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