Zitriom Packing Tape with Retractable Razor Knife Included Ultra Adhesive Clear Packaging – Box and Package Sealing Rolls for Shipping and Mailing – Fits Any Standard Guns and Dispensers (Set of 6)

My husband and I are always using packing tape, and often the 2 or 3 inch size are all used up, and I end up using a thin half inch one.  This means that I use so much of it.  That’s why the Zitriom Packing Tape is such great value.  It also comes with a really strong Razor Knife, which is titanium, and stainless steel.

This is a ‘VALUE PACK – Packaging tape bundle set of 6 rolls (1.88 inch wide) with handheld retractable razor knife included. Start taping and sealing boxes right away. Fits most standard dispensers and tape guns,’

If I remember correctly the retail price was $8.99, for 6 huge rolls, and locally I can pay $3 a roll, and the quality isn’t as good as these.  It is totally clear, which means that you can put it over writing, and still see it.

Checking the website these are 55 yard rolls.  This is the best deal I know, and they also have 12 rolls, which is even more economical.

I did receive this product at a discounted price, and am really happy testing it out.  Love it.



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