Shakecy Protein Shaker Bottle 20 oz with Protein Powder Storage – 16,000 RPM High Torque Blender Bottle and Rechargeable USB Battery.

I used to be really happy with my individual size blender, that I plugged into an outlet, and made my protein shakes.  Now I am delighted with the Shakecy Protein Shaker Bottle Blender, that you recharge every so often via the USB cable.

I chose the red, and as you can see in my photos, it looks elegant, and has everything I could possibly need.  As well as the bottle, you also have a great top that seals well. Then there is a little clear container that sits in the bottle.  This is where you can put your protein powder until you want to make your shake.

On the front it has the logo, and at the back it has the liquid measurements.  On the red part at the bottom, you have the on switch, and at the back is where you charge it up.

As I workout 7 days a week, I make a shake most days.  I always have whey protein in it, and I like bananas or strawberries.  Sometimes I add decaffeinated coffee, and fat free milk.  Whatever combination I make, I have found it really easy to make with this fast, efficient shaker/blender.

It also comes in silver, and is a higher price than a small blender, but you get the 16,000 rpm motor that is far better than the average blender.

I did receive mine for free, and have been using it every day since receiving it.  It works with everything I have added to my shakes.


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