Archeer Skin Tester, LCD Skin Care Digital Moisture Analyzer Monitor for Salon Spa Home

I didn’t even know that one of these existed, until I received the Archeer Skin Care Digital Moisture Analyzer Monitor.

This is a really neat small monitor, and so simple to use.  It already has the battery in it.  You pull off the plastic cover, and press the Record or Test button, for the machine to come on.  Press the test button again, and press the metal rods on your face.

A beep goes off in less than 5 seconds, and

your results are ready.  I tried mine on my chin, cheek, and my forehead, and got 3 different readings.  The 35% was slightly dry, for both moisture, and oil, and slightly rough for softness.  The 37% was the high end of the above readings.  Then the 40% was normal, slightly oily, and soft.

Now I know what areas I will need to concentrate on, to get my face back to the normal range.

I love that this is so simple to use, and that you yet instant results.  The operation manual is easy to read as well.

From the website:

  • ‘Skin moisture analyzer is a portable device that uses Bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) technology.’

It also has a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, so a perfect gift for the lady in your life, that has everything.

I did receive this product for free, and am so happy at the ease of use, and the immediate results you get.

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