Moral Illusion Joy Cube – Chocolate Fidget Cube For Stress And Anxiety Relief ADHD, ADD, OCD – Silent Focus Dice With Extra Durable Silicone For Children And Adults

I have several of the regular shaped fidget spinners, but the Moral Illusion Joy Cube is totally new to me.  I love that it has 5 sides to work with, and two of them have several area to fidget with.

One side has a spinner, that you just top raised part, and it spins.  The second one has a circle too, and this one is raised.  Then there is one like a light switch, which is self explanitory.  The fourth one, has 5 small buttons, that you can press.  The fifth one is my favorite, as it has 3 little cogwheels, and a ball bearing, that turns too.

You can certainly do much more with this spinner, than the ones you hold in the middle, and spin them.  I feel that this would hold my granddaughter’s attention more, as she has autism.  It is very well made, and I know that I will be playing with it, when watching television.

With a price as low as $4.06 on Amazon, this is a must for anyone wanting a fidget spinner.

I did receive mine at a discounted price, and would happily have paid the retail price, for it.



  1. I bought a couple of these for my older kids hoping they would put them in their pockets at school and click/spin away at them while they stood in line to go to lunch, or the playground – to help them keep their hands to themselves (I’ve got the touchy feely kids). They worked for a bit, then the fidget spinner craze took over. Fidget spinners got banned at the school – before they go back in the fall I should dig these out again. Really helped!

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