Himalayan Salt Lamps with Wood Base, Cozyswan Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Rock Salt Night Light with UL Listed Plug,Amber, 7 – 9-Inch for Lighting, Decoration and Air Purifying

I have heard of Himalyan Salt Lamps, but until a week ago, didn’t have one.  As soon as the Himalayan Sat lamp Cozywan Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Rock Salt Night LightI took it out of the box, read the instructions, then plugged it in.

I turned on the switch, which is like a wheel.  You can have it barely on, with very little light, and go right through, to a bright light.  The first night we used it, it was too bright for us to sleep, so turned it to a glow.  This was perfect, and we both had a good night’s sleep.

I have kept it on all the time that

I have been in the house, only switching it off, when we go out.  I wasn’t too sure what it did, so took this off of the Amazon webpage.

‘Cozyswan Himalayan salt lamp works as “Natural Ionic Air Purifier”.Salt lamps can absorb the mold, bacteria, and allergens from water vapor and then purify air, providing you a clean breathe space.
The kind of salt lamp does have a profound effect on your health.
Himalayan salt lamps purify the air to provide you with air that is healthy and easy for breathing by clearing natural allergens such as: smoke, pet dander, pollen, and other harmful pollutants.
When heated, it emits negative ions that fight against electromagnetic radiation, fights fatigue and sluggishness; improve health ability; increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; sleep better & wake refreshed; soothe allergies.
You can use it as a bathroom light, bedroom light, living room light, kitchen light, hall light, or anywhere in your home you want to bring a gentle glow.’

I have been using an Rx nasal spray for allergies for the past 18 months.  The past couple of days I stopped using it, and I haven’t had watery, scratchy eyes.  Therefore I do believe it is helping me.  As far as sleeping better, I can’t say that it has made any difference.  However, I always wake up bright, and cheerful, so it’s very hard to tell.

I do love the warm glow from the lamp.  The shape of it, and also the wooden base.  It is a quality product, and I will continue to use it.

I received this item for free, and chose to write a review about it.



  1. I have two of them plus a small nightlight one that plugs in. I also bought one for my mother-in-law, my daughter and my son. We love them so much. Hope you enjoy yours!

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