Organifi Complete Protein (1215g) – Best Tasting Organic Protein and Vitamin Shake – Vegan, Plant-Based Protein Powder – Nutritious Meal Replacement – Chocolate Flavored – 30 Day Serving

I have a protein shake most days, after working out.  That is why I couldn’t wait to try the Organifi Complete Protein Organic Protein Vitamin Shake.

I have to be honest, and tend to buy any kind that is on sale, and if not, then Wal-Mart’s own brand.  So I was wanting to know why this organic protein was 4 times the

price of generic brands.

I have to say that it isn’t the taste.  I am not overly keen on the chocolate flavor. That is why I add fat free milk, half a banana, Spirulina, and some cocoa powder to it. This tastes good.

I am lucky as I don’t need a special diet, so the dairy is good for my bones.

From the website: ‘As you know, a high protein meal can boost your metabolism and give you more energy. What’s more, getting your daily vitamins and minerals may strengthen your immune system. Normally, it does take time to make an organic meal with the protein and nutrients you need. Few people want to wake up early to make juices or smoothies day after day. Instead, this simple, five-second-solution is easy to make and EASIER to add to your routine.’

I am very happy using this product, and as it contains 2.68 pounds, it will last me a long time.  It certainly stops my hunger, after boxing and lifting weights, so am pleased that I have it.

I received this product at a discount, and didn’t pay the full price for it.  To me, it is more expensive than I feel comfortable paying.  However, if you are a Vegan, then this is the product for you..




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