Sogrand Outdoor, 8 piece Pack Bright Garden Path Solar Lights Stainless Steel Warm White LED for all Landscaping.

I am happy to take photos, and video of these beautiful solar lights from Sogrand. There are 8, which is a perfect number for a driveway, or across the front of a flower bed.

Everything is in the box for you.  The solar panels are screwed onto the bulb, then the stainless steel pole that they slot into, and the stake to go in the ground.  Once they are pushed together, you are ready to find a good sunny area to place them in.

After they receive sunshine, you just pull out the tab under the solar panel, and between the light from the sun, and the battery already in the light, you get these spectacular lights.  I love the view of them from above.

They come on as soon as it gets dark, and go off, when the sun rises.  Once bought, there is no further outlay, which means that they save your energy costs.  They are also great for the environment.

If you go out, and come back when it is dark, these lights give you added security, as well as during the night.  Burglars are less likely to hit a house, that is brightly lit up.

I received these lights for free, and have really tested them out for you.  This is my honest opinion of them.

Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor, Garden Path Light 4 Color LED Stainless Steel Landscape Lighting for Pathway Walkway Driveway Patio Yard Pack of 8

Sogrand Solar Square Bollard Pathway Decoration Garden Stake Light With White Led, Set of 3

Sogrand Solar Lights, Outdoor Garden Decorative Light Pure White LED Crackle Glass Globe Hanger on Top Landscape Lighting for Patio Yard Window



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