Acode Apple Stylish In-Ear Earbuds, 3.5mm Metal Housing Wired Earphones Headphones Best Bass Stereo Headset with Mic for IOS iPhone/iPad/ Samsung Galaxy/Android with Retail Package (Rose Gold)

I have some really expensive In-Ear Earbuds that are totally amazing.  Whenever I see an inexpensive one, I am a little concerned about the quality.  However, I have to say that the Acode Apple Stylish In-Ear Earbuds Headphones look, and sound an excellent product for the price.

I was surprised that the package didn’t include a User’s Manual, as most do. However, to play Pandora on my phone, through the headset, and you do it plug it into the hole located on your phone.  I did this, and Elvis came through loud and clear.

I read up on the Amazon website as to how to accept a phone call, and reject it, so have copied that here for you:

Multi-function Control Key: 
Answer Call: Press Once
Reject Call: Press Twice 
End Call: Press long time 
Play/Pause: Press Once
Next Song: Press Twice
Previous Song: Press Three Times’

I have taken photos so you can see the earbuds in my ears, and also the control button.

A little more about the earbuds:

  • ‘【100% Compatibilty】 Compatible with all 3.5mm audio cable jack smartphones and devices, including the full range of Apple iPhones ,i Pads, iPods, Samsung Galaxy and Note Series, Game console, MP3 MP4 music players, Nexus, HTC, laptops,tablets, PC and more.
  • Perfect for iOS iPhone 6s 6 5s Se 5 5c 4s Plus iPhone 7/7 Plus Adapter iPad Samsung Galaxy S8 S7 S6 S5 S4 S3 Plus Android LG G5 and ALL 3.5 Audio Devices.’

I really think that these are well worth the price of $15.99, would have expected to pay more for them

.  I was lucky enough to receive mine for free, and have tested both the music, and the phone side of it.  They both passed my standard.




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