Homscam Vanity Mirror with Lights Make Up Mirror with Infrared Body Sensor LED Lighted Makeup Mirror 360 Degree Free Rotation Table Countertop Vanity Mirrors (Pink)

As we got older often we need more advanced products to help us.  This is so, with the Homscam Vanity Mirror with Infrared Body Sensor LED Light.

As you can see in my video, I wear glasses, and take them off, or have to look over them to check my eyebrows.  Now I won’t have to worry.  My glasses will come off, and I will put my face close to the mirror.  It will sense I am there, and light up.  With the 7 x magnification, I will have no problem taking care of plucking my eyebrows, and putting on makeup.

In the past I have tried putting on false eyelashes, and never managed it.  I believe I threw them away, but if I want to try again, I will be able to see what I am doing.

The stand has a ball at the top, that goes into the back of the mirror.  This allows the mirror to have a 360 degree rotation, which allows you to have it at any angle.

The dimensions are  13.9 X 6.8 X 8.3 Inches.  If you have a small vanity, you don’t loose any space with this mirror, as toiletries or anything you wish, can be put in the bottom tray of it.

It comes with a Lifetime Warranty: Lifetime Replacement Guarantee and HOMSCAM Customer satisfaction Service by HOMSCAM US.

I did receive mine for free, but as you can see in the photos, and video, I thoroughly tested it out, before writing my review.



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