Hurricane Irma’s path could lead her right to Florida.

Just letting you all know that if I am not around too much in the next few days, it is because of Hurricane Irma.

I live in the Tampa area, of Florida, and we are hearing that gas stations are out of gas, and Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club have no water left.  Tomorrow I have to find a shelter that will have generators, as my husband’s insulin needs to be cold.  He has 4 chronic illnesses, so have to get plans in place, if we get evacuated.  I also need to go to the county offices, where you can fill your own sandbags.

Please keep the people in Texas in your prayers, and pray for the people in the path of Irma too.




  1. Most of mother’s side of the family lives in Texas (near Houston) and my grandmother’s home flooded. She’s staying with my uncle now, but all of her furniture and electronics need to replaced.
    I hope Hurricane Irma won’t do as much damage to Florida as it did to Texas.

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