Could be days or weeks before I start back on my blog.

Hurricane Irma’s bands are already being felt in the Tampa area. We got turned away from the medical special needs shelter noon yesterday, and lines of people that had registered early, gave their details, and were promised rooms didn’t get them.

Locals turned up, and the beds were filled. After going back home, and phoning the number they had called me on several times, I was given a school around 10 miles from home.  All my local ones were full.

We got here at 2.00 p.m. yesterday. The hurricane is now heading for Tampa, and we could loose power at any time.

We have been informed that the surge after it passes could be severe. All 900 of us in the shelter, are wondering if anything will be left of our homes.

I apologize to the groups, and sellers in advance.  Your products may be damaged broken, or washed away.

The waiting is killing us.  If I am not around you will know why.  Prayers going out to all the others waiting for the worst, and hoping for the best.


  1. Prayers for you Susie.. have faith in strong an take care of yourself.. we all are praying for you..

    As u mentioned you have seen several of them and come out strong this will also pass.. prayers and love for you..good bless each one of you there..

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