Home safe and sound, and so very thankful.

We actually got home yesterday, but had no power, no internet, landline, or television.

As soon as the curfew was lifted, I brought the car to the front of the school, and loaded us up.  It was a slow, windy, rainy drive home.  When we arrived there were 3 large tree limbs blocking our driveway.  We moved them, and pulled in.

To cut a very long story short the house is in tact.  I did a little clearing up yesterday, but both of us were exhausted.  We finally have electricity, and the cable came on minutes ago.  Therefore I can make contact with you all.

Funny things that happened at the shelter.

We had an elderly gentleman and his son, one side of us, and a gentleman with his caregiver the other side.  Right in front of us a really nice couple.  There were only inches between us.

The caregiver never stopped talking during the nights, and the old gentleman yelled out at her to ‘F…ing well shut up, or he would kill her.  She didn’t catch that one, but she did hear him calling her a bitch.  She then had the old man that she was taking care of retaliate on her behalf.  We were right between both of them.

The elderly gentleman in the middle of the night kept shouting to his son that he ‘needed a leak’.  We had 5 people snoring all night long, so exciting nights.

The caregiver insisted that Miami was north of Tampa, and New York was south.  The lovely lady in front of us, and I spent forever trying to give her a geography lesson, to no avail.  Finally she stormed out to get someone with a paper, talked to several people, and then came back, and said quietly maybe she was wrong.  She then talked to herself for several hours.

She went home several times before the hurricane hit, and left her employer.  She didn’t ask anyone to watch him, or check on him.  He fell a couple of times, and wandered around, not knowing were he was.  At night she had him lay on the floor while she had the single mattress.  During the day they were both on it, and cuddling together, and I heard her say, do you like that.  At that point I left the room.

The sad thing was that Len took out a $40 flashlight the first night to guide him to the bathrooms.  He left it next to his chair, and the second night when needed, it was missing.  The caregiver didn’t have a charger for her phone, so we all used mine, and the nice lady’s.  The caregiver, and the guy left before we did, and when I went to unplug my phone charger, that was right next to where she slept, it was gone.


Lucky for me, I am a reviewer, so really didn’t miss these.  Just sad that people can’t be trusted.  Whenever we went for our ‘elementary school meals’, one bite snacks, I gave my husband our bag with all our documents in it, and lined up for both of us.  I am so pleased that I didn’t leave that bag as it had every important document that we posses in it.

The school went out of it’s way to help us.  The home guard, Sheriff’s department, and all the volunteers did an amazing job.  We are so thankful, and are still praying for the ones that didn’t evacuate, and are in dire straights.


  1. We can’t wait to have a good night’s sleep. I slept with our bag of documents, and money under my patio recliner, and wrapped plastic around it, and a coat, so I would hear if anyone tried to get it. Most were great, just happened to be in the wrong corner of the room.

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  2. So glad you are back home and the house is in tact and everything is working again. What an experience at the shelter! Geez! And that really stinks about the flashlight. Get a good nights sleep. So glad you are back!

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