GDEALER 9 Pattern Hand Spray Nozzle Heavy Duty Hand Free Clip High Pressure Water Hose Nozzle for Watering Plants, Car Wash and Showering Pets

An early forgotten review.


I have a regular hose that is wound up on a reel, and has a single spray nozzle.  It just seems to gush, and it is impossible to control it. So when I received the GDEALER High Pressure Water Hose Nozzle, I was really happy.  I unscrewed the old one, and replaced it with the 9 pattern spray nozzle.

The 9 WATER SPRAY PATTERNS are CONE, JET, CENTER, MIST, SHOWER, FLAT, SOAKER, ANGLE, and FULL.  I like to mist my new plants, so am liking that one.  We have a sprinkler system for the grass, but being in Florida, all other plants need watering.

I keep one hose in the front garden, and the other one in the back.  This is so much easier than lugging it around, or through the house.

I love the way the nozzle feels in my hand, it fits well.  If I want it on for a longer…

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iSwan Women’s Seamless Invisible Bikini and Boyshort Panties Pack of 4

I tend to wear tight fitting clothes,  so need underwear that doesn’t show.  That’s why I needed the iSwan Women’s Seamless Invisible bikini and Boy-short panties.

They come in a pack of 4.  There are two black, and two skin colored panties, with both a bikini style, and a boy-short in each color.  They are made of 79% Micro Nylon, 21% elastane body fabric. 

There is a flat waistband, without a label.  The details are on the material, at the back of the panties.  They are so soft to the touch, and when wearing them, you really don’t realize that they are on.  This is so much nicer than wearing my thongs.  I tend to wear them under tight clothing so that the edges of the underwear don’t show.  This type can get uncomfortable after awhile, and go into the crack of your bottom.  That is why I love my iSwan ones so much.  They have a 100% cotton gusset liner, which is breathable, and perfect for when I workout.

They don’t show under my tight dresses, even tighter leggings, and I am not

wet and uncomfortable after my boxing training sessions.

I have to say that these are the nicest panties I have ever worn.  I did receive them for free, and have been totally honest, in my opinion of them.

Micro USB Cable,OTISA 3-Pack 123M High Speed Durable Charging & Sync Android USB Cable

After a year these are still like new.


My Samsung Galaxy J7 came with a 5 feet cable, which is a good length, and allows me to charge, and still be able to use it.  However, even after 4 months, the end that goes into my phone, is started to look a little ragged.

When I saw that you get 3 cables, and they are 3, 6, and 10 foot, I figured that I had plenty of moving around, when my phone is charging.  It states that the OTISA High Speed Charging and Sync Android USB Cables are  ‘Compact stainless steel connector heads slot in easily but securely, Works best with mains USB adapter.
Charging convenient and data transmission is stable. Heavy-duty Durable design. Ultra-Compact Design.
No constantly connecting troubles.’

These are very strong, sturdy cables, and they look so good with the gold colored connectors.  They fit nice and tight into my phone, the other end is great in…

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Taking a break is like a breath of fresh air 

We spend a lot of time at Treasure island beach, but always on our own. I enjoy the solitude of walking along the water’s edge for hours.

However, friends bought the same week of timeshare as us, and so I have a girlfriend to walk with.

They wanted to check out restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions.

We have had so much fun going to old, and new places with them.

So I wanted to share with you a video, and some photos. We still have until Saturday, as there are more places to go.

Having problems adding photos here, but will put more in later.

Nutra Mina Vitamin C Serum For WOMEN with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E – Anti Aging Topical Facial Serum

I need all the help I can get where wrinkles are concerned.  Age has crept up on me, and the only place is shows is my face.  That is why I wanted to try the Nutra Mina Vitamin C Serum.

I love that it has the combination of Vitamin C, E, and Hyaluronic Acid.  I have many that either have the Vitamin C or the Hyaluronic Acid, but having both gives my wrinkles a better chance of staying the same.

I have been applying it with the dropper, morning and night.  It looks like water, and is a little too runny for me.  If I let it drip on my face it runs down it, and if I try on my fingers it runs through them.  It has no fragrance.

From the Amazon webpage:

  • Hyaluronic acid, a major component of skin, helps repair the damage done by too much sun. It replenishes lipids to visibly reduce wrinkles by boosting antioxidants and stimulating the synthesis of collagen production.​
  • Aloe Vera, Horse Tail, Geranium, Dandelion and Gotu Kola Extracts act as moisturizers and antioxidants that help fight wrinkles, dark spots and signs of aging.
  • Jojoba oil is rich in natural fats similar to skin’s own and known to as a great acne fighter is blended into sooth and moisturize.
  • Witch Hazel has been used for centuries for its skin soothing properties, it’s powerful antioxidants and astringent benefits are known to help speed healing and prevent signs of aging.’

I like the product, haven’t seen any difference yet, but it is still early days.  I tend to be happy if my wrinkles stay the same, and don’t get any deeper.

I did receive this product at a discounted price, and have been truthful in my review.



Holiday/Vacation time depending on where you live.

It is that time of the year when we have our timeshares, and spend time at the beach.  This year friends bought this week, so they are here too.  We are enjoying the company, and showing them the area.

They found a great place yesterday, and we took them to one of our favorite restaurants today.  The food was great, and we have enough for tonight as well.

We will shortly be walking the beach, and watching the sunset.

So if there are days when I miss writing a review this week, I hope you understand.

On Point Traders Ltd PRIME CUT – Three Stage Knife Sharpener – Black; Professional chef quality tool.

I love to cook, and may not be a professional, but after owning a restaurant, I love quality kitchen products.  That’s why I was interested in the On Point Traders Ltd. Knife Sharpener.  

To me having the handle to grip it, allows for much more safety, when sharpening knives.  The bright red of the handle matched the base of the sharpener.

I started with some old dinner knives that were really blunt, and used them in the course slot first, and then finished them off in the fine one.  There is a medium slot too.  It turned them back into how they were20171014_221141 29 years ago when we first moved to America.

I the had some odd knives in my drawer, that hadn’t been used in ages.  I put them into the slots a few times, and the blades finely sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, and a variety of food items.

I am really impressed with this Knife Sharpener, and if you are thinking of buying one, I know you will like the way this one handles.

I did receive mine at a discount, and that didn’t influence my testing of this product.

Majestic Pure Clove Essential Oil is a Therapeutic Grade Oil that is Extracted from Leaves, Pure and Natural

Another essential oil I love.


I am thinking that I have all of the essential oils, and then I find another one.

I can remember my mother having cloves for toothache.  I was only a small child, and can’t remember what form she had them in.  It cured the majority of tooth pain, and lessened the visits to the dentist.  I also remember having clove sweets, or candies as they are called here.  I haven’t seen them around in a long time.

I like to try different oils in my 4 diffusers.  The Clove Essential Oil comes in a big 4 ounce bottle, which is brown to protect the oil.  It states on the website that ‘In aromatherapy, clove oil can be useful to help reduce stress, while strengthening memory and fighting weakness and lethargy’.  I personally think that this oil helps us in many ways.

The bottle is secured with a seal.  It…

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Crazy woman killing it on the upside down Bosu Ball.

My husband took this video of me earlier today.  Yesterday I had been boxing at one gym, then had a boxing session with my trainer, and in the evening went to a 3rd gym, and boxed.  This was a bit of fun I had this morning, before doing my Zumba class.  Hope you like it.

Solar Lights, Sogrand Outdoor Garden Path Light, LED Pathway Lighting Stainless Steel, for Patio Yard Walkway Landscape Pack of 4

The Sogrand LED Stainless Steel Solar Lights give my front garden a beautiful warm light.  As these lights have the stainless steel poles, I can put them where our landscaping company use the weed wacker. 

We live in a community that has an H.O.A., and are not supposed to put anything on the grass.  Even when I have lights close to the grass, they have been known to cut through plastic.

These are so well made, and easy to install.  Just push the top into the pole, and the stake at the bottom.  Put them where there is sunlight, and let them work.  Turn the switch to the ON position, under the solar panel at the top, and you are all set.

You have the pretty lights that come on as dusk, and go off in the morning.  You are giving your home extra security, as well as saving energy, and taking care of the environment.  Whatever way you look at it, you are saving.

I really love my lights, and want to

praise the Sogrand brand for their quality.  I did receive mine for free, and can honestly say how well they work.

Sogrand Solar Jar Lights, Glass Jar Hanging Light Quicksilver Electroplating, Outdoor Decorative Lantern, for Garden, Party, Patio, Yard, Landscape Decor

Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor, Garden Path Light 4 Color LED Stainless Steel Landscape Lighting for Pathway Walkway Driveway Patio Yard Pack of 8

Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor, Garden Path Light 12pcs Stainless Steel White LED Landscape Lighting for Pathway Walkway Driveway and Patio.