Fitness Answered Training Products Resistance Bands _ 23 Piece Fitness Band Set _ 7 SNAP PROOF Stackable Workout Kit

I have several sets of resistance bands, but am really loving the Fitness Answered Training 23 piece band set.  They are snap proof, and also stackable.

First off they are so colorful. You get vivid red, green, orange, yellow, black, blue, and pink.

Kit Includes:
 5  lb Band              4) Carabiners
10 lb Band              4) Workout Anywhere Anchor Straps
15 lb Band              1) Door Mount Anchor
20 lb Band              1) Pair Of Green Handle Attachments
25 lb Band              1) Pair Of Orange Handle Attachments
30 lb Band              1) Pair Ankle Attachment
35 lb Band              1) Mesh Carrying Bag

The scrunchy tubing allows for total safely with these bands.  As bands get older they can snap, and injure you.  At the end of each one they have the the weight in lbs. and KG.

If you are new to using them, start light, and gradually increase the weight.  Remember on some exercises you are doubling up the bands, and also the weight.

These can be used at home, or outside, as they have the anchor straps and carabiners.  I love that there are 2 sets of handles, as both my husband and I can workout together.  I haven’t found another set that doubles up for you.

We have had fun trying them out, and I love the door mount anchor, which means I can use them on vacation.  Yes, I walk in the water’s edge

for hours at the beach, but still need to tone my arms, and strengthen my muscles.

These are a fantastic whole workout experience product, and I can highly recommend them.  I am sharing their video from YouTube so that you can see how they all work.  It runs for around 13 minutes, and really helps to get to know the equipment.

I did receive mine for free, and have really tested them, so that I could be totally honest with you.


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