My Perfect Nights Premium Microfiber FITTED Bed Sheet Ultra Soft Luxury 15″ DEEP POCKETS

Update: I used this sheet for 3 month last winter, and have it in my linen closet, ready to use it at the end of this year. It still looks as good as new, and has kept it’s white color.


We have an adjustable bed, and often fitted bottom sheets just doesn’t work with it.  If they don’t have a deep pocket, then they lift up, when we put the bed into the Zero Gravity position to sleep.

Seeing that the My Perfect Nights fitted sheet had the deeper pockets, I thought it would work, and as you can see in my photo it sure did.

This one is for a Queen size bed, and I love that it is microfiber, which makes it even softer than my other sheets.  It is ‘Hypoallergenic and resistant to Dust Mites. Wrinkle Resistant, Stain Resistant, and Pilling Resistant‘.

You launder it the same as any other sheets, and when it goes back on the bed, it looks like new again.

The sheet is really comfortable to sleep on.  Instead of feeling crisp, it feels soft, and smooth.  Looking closely it has a…

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