KudoVita Adjustable Aprons Water Resistant Bib Apron with 2 Pockets Cooking Kitchen Unisex Aprons for Women Men Chef, Pack of 2 (Work Cloth, Plain Black)

For years I had been volunteering at the buffet, as a server, for a local not for profit club.  My apron wasn’t cheap, but never looked good after a couple of hours of working.  That is why I was interested in the KudoVita Adjustable Aprons.  

They come two to the pack, are water resistant, and have an adjustable strap at the neck, so fit well.  There are two good size pocket in the front, for a phone, paper, etc., and really long ties so they will fit larger people too.

The material is polyester, and it states on the Amazon website: ‘

  • Made from work cloth (polyester in 8.1 oz/sq.ft), free from harmful chemicals.
  • Machine-washable without light colored cloth, water at max 104℉.’

As there are two of them, I am giving one to the lady I worked with.  These are the strongest, thickest, best aprons I have seen.  They cover so much of you that your clothes will stay clean.

Once my husband goes off the board of the club, I may well go back and work with her, so looking forward to having the same excellent quality apron.

The price is only $11.99 for 2, and I would be willingly to pay that price for them.  I did receive mine for free, and really am pleased with them.





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