Zglon 1000 Lumen High Powered Bright LED Tactical Waterproof Handheld Flashlight Torch with Zoomable Focus 7 Light Modes, 18650 Rechargeable Battery For Cycling Hiking Camping Emergency

In the times we lived in, we have to be so careful when out at night.  Everyone needs a flashlight on them, whether you are walking, on public transport, or in a car.  This is why I was very happy to receive the Zglon 1000 Lumen High Powered Bright LED Tactical Flashlight.

This flashlight/torch is excellent quality, a good weight, and nice to handle.  I put the rechargeable battery in it, and then checked out all the modes.  You can see them in the video in this review.

There is so much information on it, on the Amazon webpage, so I am sharing it with you:

SUPER BRIGHT: High powered portable LED flashlight produce high power 1000 lumens brightness, this rechargeable inspection flashlights to ensure the beam distance up to 985 feet.

WATWERPROOF, TOUGH & RELIABLE: Our ultra bright pocket flashlight torch is IP65-rated water resistant. design for using in heavy rain. Its durable aluminum body and shock-resistance endure rough handling.

7 Light Modes: Zglon tactical led flashlight has 13 LED lamp bulbs, gently press the switch button, it will change a mode. Big one LED bulb: High/Medium/Strobe brightness. Ring 12 small LED bulbs: High/Medium/Strobe brightness. Always hold the switch button firmly, big one LED & ring small 12 LED alternating white light.

Color Gift Box Packaging: 1 x Zglon Z2 Compact Brightest Flashlight with Lanyard, 1 x 18650 Rechargeable Battery, 1 x USB Charging Cable, 1 x Lanyard, 1 x AAA Battery Holder, 1 x 18650 Plastic Battery Sleeve.’

It doesn’t come with the AAA batteries, but I much prefer using the rechargeable battery.  That is what I have in it now.

I have been using this for the last few days, and feel comfortable going out, when using it.  I did receive the flashlight free of charge, and have written an honest review of it.



MECO Automatic Soap Dispenser IR Sensor Touchless Lotion Dispenser Fingerprint Resistant Polished Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser for Kitchen Bathroom Office Hotel

Do you hate bar soap, and think that bottled soap doesn’t fit in with your decor.  Then the MECO Automatic Soap Dispenser that has a Sensor to make it Touchless, could be the answer for you.

This is brushed stainless steel, and matches the majority of faucets, and basin stoppers.  It is so elegant, and slim lined.  The dispenser comes with a User’s Guide that gives you the very easy instructions.

The only thing you have to buy are 4 AAA batteries, that go in the compartment, on the bottom of the dispenser.

Open the top of the soap dispenser, and take out the circle, and then pour in your liquid soap.  Find a flat place, and you are ready to use it.  There are 3 different amounts of soap that can be dispensed, which is great, as you don’t want to waste soap.

I have it in my bathroom, as that is the one that guests also use.  This way it is completely sanitary, and looks very professional.  If you are wondering if you have room for it on your vanity, here are the dimensions: 7.9 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches.

I did received this product at a discount, and wanted to show you have beautiful it is.


MECO Digital Alarm Clock, Gravity Sensor Multifunctional Alarm Clock Operated with Large Screen, Date, Time, Calendar, Temperature Display, Alarm, Countdown for Children, Teenagers, Blue

MECO Emergency Radio Solar Hand Crank Dynamo Weather Radio AM/FM/WB NOAA Radio with LED Flashlight, Phone Charger and 1000mAh Power Bank for Camping Hiking Outdoor Survival, with Cable and USB Jacks

Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor Wall Mount Decorative Pathway Light Sale Outdoor LED Black Lamp for Christmas Decorations Garage Door Deck Fence Stair Yard Patio Walkway Driveway 2Pack

The Sogrand Wall Mount Black Lamp Solar Lights are perfect now the night’s are drawing in.  Having the lights mounted to the front of the house, gives me a sense of security, when coming home in the evenings.

These couldn’t be more simple to use.  I put them out in the sunlight yesterday, and allowed them to charge up.  This evening I flipped the red switch, at the back, over to the ON position, and they are working great.

They have a soft, yellow light to them, and are inviting to visitors.

They have 2 holes at the back, with the screws etc., to put them on a wall, door, fence, patio, or where ever you want to place them.  Being solar lights, make sure that the solar panel gets the sunlight, and they will come on at dusk, and go off at dawn.

The cost is only $13.99, which I think it a great price, for your home, or to give as a Christmas/holiday gift.

A little from the Amazon webpage:

The solar light is designed to withstand a wide range of weather conditions, including rain, snow, wind, and hot or cold temperatures.

  • These solar outdoor lights are powered by a solar charged AA battery that is user replaceable.  This saves your electricity bills
  • Turns on automatically when it gets dark outside. Enjoy LED Solar Lighting from dusk to dawn.’

I did receive these lights for free, and wanted to share this with you, as the holiday season is upon us.


Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor, 8pc-Pack Bright Garden Path Light Stainless Steel Warm White LED Landscape Lighting for Pathway Walkway Driveway Landscape

Sogrand Solar Square Bollard Pathway Decoration Garden Stake Light With White Led, Set of 3

Sogrand 200LED 72FT, Solar String Lights,Warm White LED Fairy, Solar Lights Outdoor, String Lights, Solar Garden Lights.


Sogrand Solar Christmas Lights Outdoor Decorative Fairy String Light Cyber Monday Deals Sale 30 Bulb Warm White LED Ornaments Garden Decorations Landscape Lighting Waterproof for Party Patio Yard Tree

I am trying to decide whether to have the Sogrand Christmas Fairy String Solar Lights around the big tree in the front garden, or to highlight the roof of our home. 

These are 2 inch x 1 inch lights, are clear, and have a warm white/yellow color to them. The lights are commercial quality, and there are 30 of them.

Being solar, all you do is put the stake in the ground, or they can be attached to a wall, and allow the sun to power them.  Once done, flip the switch on the back of the solar panel to either flashing, or ON.  You can see in my video how pretty they look.

There are no plugs, wires, etc., and no further cost to you after buying them.  That is what I love so much about solar lights.

With the holiday season upon us, you can never have too many lights, and I plan on having my front garden ablaze with Christmas lighting this year.

This set of Sogrand lights will have pride of place, being different to my other ones.  You may wish to check out the brand on Amazon, or eBay, as they have so many different ones for you to choose from.

I did receive mine for free, and can’t wait until the end of the week to display them all.


Solar Lights Outdoor,Sogrand Decorative Garden Path Light 4 Color LED Glass Lens Stainless Steel Landscape Lighting for Pathway Walkway Driveway Patio Yard Pack of 4

Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor 100 LED Colorful Rope Light Decorative for for Garden Party Dinner Bedroom Festival Patio Yard Landscape

Dead Sea Magnesium Organic Body Butter: Better Than Oil or Spray. Topical Relief from Insomnia, Cramps, Migraines, Restless Legs, Fatigue. Moisturizing Body Lotion w/ Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Aloe.

I buy Shea Butter on a regular basis, and make my own body butter, with a carrier oil and an essential oil.  The reason I wanted the Dead Sea Magnesium Organic Body Butter relief for insomnia, cramps, migraines, restless legs, fatigue, as well as moisturizing the body.

Working out all the time, I tend to get cramps in the calves of my legs, and also my feet.  This happens when I stretch out in bed, and end up jumping out of bed with the pain.  I walk it off, but if I can help to prevent getting them, it will be so much better.

I have been using it on my legs every morning, and I love how thick it is.  How soft it feels between my finger, and how easily it rubs in.  The smell is pleasant, and as it’s on my legs, I don’t really smell it at all.

This isn’t greasy

, and a little goes a very long way.  I can see this lasting me months.

A little from the Amazon website:

Om Botanical is a beautifully handmade brand of truly natural, non-toxic skin care products. When we says we are truly all natural, we are saying that we use only full spectrum (whole) natural botanical ingredients and minerals. Unbleached and unprocessed, these colorful products contain no toxic chemicals, synthetic compounds, animal-derived ingredients or perfumes. We also refuse to test on animals. And there are no secret ingredients! We proudly list everything that goes into our bottles and tell you why, so you know exactly what you are putting on your body.’

I have been using it for a few days now, and love the softness of my skin.  I have only had one leg cramp during this time, and am hoping that it fixes that problem for me.

I love natural products, and although $24 seems a little expensive, the 5 ounce jar should last me months.

I did receive this product at a discounted price, and chose to write a review on it.  I wasn’t asked by the seller to do so.



Sogrand Solar Lights, Spot Light, Super Bright 200 Lumen On Wall or Stake 4 LED Outdoor Lighting for Flag, Tree, Landscape, etc. 2 Pack

I have my Christmas lights ready to go in my front garden, even though I have around 50 lit all year around.  I do spend a lot of time on my tree, that is in the center of the grass.  So getting the Sogrand Spot Light Super Bright 200 Lumen Solar Lights, will allow me to show off the display.

You get everything in the box.  All you have to do is put the stakes on the lights, if they are going in the ground, adjust the position of the lights, and solar panel.

I put mine out a few hours ago, and when I went out to the front garden, they were shining brightly on the trunk of my tree.  You can see how well they work in my short video.

They can be put on the wall etc., as the screws are provided for you.

To me these are an added security as I have them on the tree, and also facing the house.  With burgleries being rampant this time of the year, every extra light helps.  Also after the initial cost, there is no further outlay, saving you energy costs, and also helping the environment.

These are a must for anyone looking to save money over a period of time, and helping to keep their home safe.

I did receive mine for free, and as you can see in the video, and photos, have tested them on your behalf.


Solar Lights, Sogrand Outdoor Garden Path Light,LED Pathway Lighting for Yard Patio Walkway Landscape 4 Pack

Sogrand Solar Post Lights,Super Bright 10 Lumen Outdoor Lamp Post, Fence Lighting Black Vinyl For Yard, Pathway, Deck, Dock, Path, Walkway ,Pack of 2

Sogrand Solar Lights, Outdoor Garden Decorative Light Pure White LED Crackle Glass Globe Hanger on Top Landscape Lighting for Patio Yard Window

ACRAFT Christmas Decoration Handmade Lantern String Lights for Patio Rustic Metal Cage with Industrial Style Black Pendant Lighting for Tree Branches Outdoor Garden 10 Bulbs 7.1ft

I love different Christmas lights, and I think ACRAFT have found them, in their unique string lights.  These ones are Rustic Metal Cage Lantern String Lights, and one of a kind.

They are battery operated, which are not included with the product.  You will need 3 AA batteries to use them.  I have taken photos of the lights off, and then switched on, in daylight.  You can see how unusual they are.

From the Amazon webpage:

 INDUSTRIAL STYLE: A product with artistic expression but yet stays with his product roots, this classic design can fit into just about any rustic, vintage or minimalistic style.

 Waterproof & PLASTIC TWIST TIES: Waterproof IP44 (not battery box); Twist ties are convenient for you to tie lights on cables or trees.’

I prefer to have these indoors, or under a patio, rather than open to the elements, due to the battery box not being waterproof.  I am thinking of putting mine under the overhang of the roof.  I feel that they will look great there.

We decorate outside at the beginning of December


, as we are in a H.O.A., and have to abide by their rules.

I did receive these beautiful warm white lights for free, and as really impressed as to how sturdy they are.  I believe they will work for years to come.


ACRAFT Thanksgiving Decoration Twinkle Star String Lights for Bedroom Girls Gift 10 Led 7.1ft Home Decoration Lights for Baby Shower Wedding Teen Tee Pee

ACRAFT Gift Turquoise Teal Blue Boys String Lights for Teen Bedroom Battery Operated 10Led 7.1ft Cotton Balls Lights with White Wire for Tee Pee

The Internet is driving me crazy.

I have been lucky enough to get items to review on my blog, and also on eBay recently.  I did the feedback on the eBay ones, and have been trying to do the reviews.

It’s either our Internet, Spectrum, that used to be Brighthouse, or eBay, because all I get is a blue circle.  I guess it’s because it is the busiest shopping weekend of the year, and even if people are buying at the stores, they are checking deals on their phones.

So now I am going to see if we can stream a movie, or an English program from Britbox, on Amazon.  Fingers crossed as I probably will be getting that blue circling again.

Anyone else going nuts on their computer/laptop/tablet/phone.

Amovol Foot Peel Mask, Exfoliating Calluses and Dead Skin Remover-2 Pair Soft Baby Foot Peel Mask for Women.

The bottoms of my feet get really hard with all the sport/fitness/walking I do.  Therefore I wanted the Amovol Foot Peel Mask to soften them.

You get 2 packs, which allows you to do the procedure, and then again at a later date.

It really is so simple.  Soak your feet for a few minutes, dry them, and then open the packet.  Cut the top off the socks, and put them on.  Pull off the open tab, where it is sticky, and secure the socks around your ankles.  Put regular socks over them.

Leave them on for an hour, to an hour and a half.  Then rinse off with water.

48 hours later soak your feet for 20 minutes, and do this daily.  After 3 or 4 days the dead skin will fall off your feet.  After 1 – 2 weeks of doing this the dead skin should be completely gone, and your feet silky soft.

It is advise to do this once a month.

I have to tell you it is a strange feeling when walking in the socks.  It feels as if you are walking in something squelchy.  So I decided to put my feet up, and delete hundreds of old emails.

It’s been 6 days now, and I can already feel that my feet as much softer.  At $14.99 with an extra $2 of coupon on Amazon, this is so much cheaper than going to a spa.  Also you don’t have to drive anywhere.

I did receive these at a discounted price, but to have good looking/feeling feet, I would be happy to buy them at retail price.



MECO Digital Alarm Clock, Gravity Sensor Multifunctional Alarm Clock Operated with Large Screen, Date, Time, Calendar, Temperature Display, Alarm, Countdown for Children, Teenagers, Blue

The MECO Digital Alarm Clock has so much in a cute modern looking clock.  Our old one, which you can see in the photos, is ready for the garbage can.  The LED partly goes out at times, which means we have no idea of the time.

The new one is a gravity sensor clock, which allows you to turn it on it’s side, bottom, and other side, that allows you to see the different functions.  So you have the clock, temperature, alarm, and countdown.  I think this is really neat, and so happy to be using it.

The clock goes darker during the day, and brighter when it gets dark.  The numbers are really big, which is great for us seniors to read.

I handed it to my husband, and he had it set up in minutes.  It’s great to have the date up in the corner too.  Often I wonder what it is, and if my phone isn’t close by, have to get up and check.

This clock is great for children too, and comes in blue, green, and white.

A little from the Amazon webpage:

  • ‘Novelty rotating alarm clock, gravity sensor alarm clock, date and time, alarm, timer and temperature in 4 direction by clockwise or counter-clockwise turn the alarm clocks.
  • With built-in light sensor to turn on/off the backlight automatically, which automatically adjusts the screen light in dark conditions, maintaining just enough display brightness to read the time without being too bright to sleep.
  • The adjustable alarm tone allow you set volume louder or lower. Without snooze function, train your kids wake up on time.
  • Large screen(3.2*2.9 inch ) display for easy viewing. The clock has been designed with absolute simplicity in mind and you will have no problem whatsoever operating it.’

So if you are looking for a new clock, I highly recommend this one at just $12.95.

I did receive this clock at a discounted price, but would happily pay the retail price for it.


MECO Emergency Radio Solar Hand Crank Dynamo Weather Radio AM/FM/WB NOAA Radio with LED Flashlight, Phone Charger and 1000mAh Power Bank for Camping Hiking Outdoor Survival, with Cable and USB Jacks