Landnics Wrist Support Brace with Removable Splint for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendinitis, Sprains, Strains, Prevention Wrist Injury, Wrist Pain, Right Fitted Wrist Brace – (1 Piece)

I really wanted the Landnics Wrist Support Brace to secure, and protect my right wrist.  A few years back, while dancing, an elderly man fell.  He knocked me down, with my hand underneath me, and then fell on top of me.  I had surgery, where a titanium plate, steel rod, and 7 screws were put in my right wrist.

I love this brace, as it is so easy to use, and very comfortable.  It is one piece, and you put your thumb through the hole, and wrap it around.  There are 2 Velcros straps that secure it perfectly.  This means that it will adjust to most hand sizes.

It has a metal splint in it, which can be pulled out, if not required.

I have wraps, and gloves for boxing, and wraps for lifting weights.  However, I spend hours a day on my laptop, and smartphone, so this will definitely support my wrist.  I was getting worried as to how much longer I would be able to continue writing my reviews.  Now, I have protection, and am wearing it right now.

A little from the Amazon website:


Firmly Support: Inner splint to provide the best support for wrist recovery. This wrist brace is best choice for protect and relieve your wrist pain.
Comfortable: -Flexible and breathable material to keep your wrist comfortable, doing exercises without constriction.
-Adjustable straps provide customized fit and support and prevent readjusting.
-Easy to put on and take off.
Material: OK Cloth, PU leather, steel plate
Size: For right hand, one size fit all’.

I did receive this item at a discounted price, and am so pleased that it works great for me.



  1. Hello all, I am 28 year old who is now suffering with overused wrists and hands, and having not been diagnosed with carpal or tendonitis (despite the doctor’s assessment I feel that it has to be!) This is in left and right wrists and hands, and ive now picked up pharmacy bought cheap “splints” as my insurance said “no way!” to splints the brand company my doctor wanted to supply to me. Anyways, im due to use these for 3 months and follow up about progress. Has anyone already used these for months at a time, and feel 100% better or has the pain minimized drastically for them? I have little hope so all replies will encourage me!


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