MECO Digital Alarm Clock, Gravity Sensor Multifunctional Alarm Clock Operated with Large Screen, Date, Time, Calendar, Temperature Display, Alarm, Countdown for Children, Teenagers, Blue

The MECO Digital Alarm Clock has so much in a cute modern looking clock.  Our old one, which you can see in the photos, is ready for the garbage can.  The LED partly goes out at times, which means we have no idea of the time.

The new one is a gravity sensor clock, which allows you to turn it on it’s side, bottom, and other side, that allows you to see the different functions.  So you have the clock, temperature, alarm, and countdown.  I think this is really neat, and so happy to be using it.

The clock goes darker during the day, and brighter when it gets dark.  The numbers are really big, which is great for us seniors to read.

I handed it to my husband, and he had it set up in minutes.  It’s great to have the date up in the corner too.  Often I wonder what it is, and if my phone isn’t close by, have to get up and check.

This clock is great for children too, and comes in blue, green, and white.

A little from the Amazon webpage:

  • ‘Novelty rotating alarm clock, gravity sensor alarm clock, date and time, alarm, timer and temperature in 4 direction by clockwise or counter-clockwise turn the alarm clocks.
  • With built-in light sensor to turn on/off the backlight automatically, which automatically adjusts the screen light in dark conditions, maintaining just enough display brightness to read the time without being too bright to sleep.
  • The adjustable alarm tone allow you set volume louder or lower. Without snooze function, train your kids wake up on time.
  • Large screen(3.2*2.9 inch ) display for easy viewing. The clock has been designed with absolute simplicity in mind and you will have no problem whatsoever operating it.’

So if you are looking for a new clock, I highly recommend this one at just $12.95.

I did receive this clock at a discounted price, but would happily pay the retail price for it.

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