ACRAFT Christmas Decoration Handmade Lantern String Lights for Patio Rustic Metal Cage with Industrial Style Black Pendant Lighting for Tree Branches Outdoor Garden 10 Bulbs 7.1ft

I love different Christmas lights, and I think ACRAFT have found them, in their unique string lights.  These ones are Rustic Metal Cage Lantern String Lights, and one of a kind.

They are battery operated, which are not included with the product.  You will need 3 AA batteries to use them.  I have taken photos of the lights off, and then switched on, in daylight.  You can see how unusual they are.

From the Amazon webpage:

 INDUSTRIAL STYLE: A product with artistic expression but yet stays with his product roots, this classic design can fit into just about any rustic, vintage or minimalistic style.

 Waterproof & PLASTIC TWIST TIES: Waterproof IP44 (not battery box); Twist ties are convenient for you to tie lights on cables or trees.’

I prefer to have these indoors, or under a patio, rather than open to the elements, due to the battery box not being waterproof.  I am thinking of putting mine under the overhang of the roof.  I feel that they will look great there.

We decorate outside at the beginning of December


, as we are in a H.O.A., and have to abide by their rules.

I did receive these beautiful warm white lights for free, and as really impressed as to how sturdy they are.  I believe they will work for years to come.

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