CRW Shower Curtain Liner Mildew Resistant Waterproof Polyester Bathroom Curtain Hooks, 72″ x 72″White 180CM

I have a bathtub with the shower head on the wall, like most bathrooms.  There are sliding panels from the ceiling down to the tub.  However, when we bought the house there was only one, allowing water to spill over.

I have had a shower curtain up, and it has worked great.  I wash it often but it gets build up on the bottom, that sits in the tub.  That is why I wanted the CRW Shower Curtain Liner that is Mildew Resistant Waterproof Polyester.  It comes with the curtain hooks as well.

As you can see from my photos, it is exactly what I wanted, and really works great.  Being 72 by 72 inches, it goes right down the bath, so no water can get past it.  I will be using it on it’s own, and white is perfect behind the single panel.  Once the shower curtain has dried, I can center it behind the panel, and my bathroom looks good.  At some point I will be having that panel removed, and replaced with 2 sliding ones.

Once I have finished having my shower, I do open up the curtain so it dries, and then it is ready for my next one.

I did receive this item at a discounted price, and chose to write a positive review about it.

KevenAnna Sports Gel Insoles and shoe inserts for Women and Men Comfort Shoe Insoles arch support for Walking Hiking Plantar Fasciitis Heel Spur Foot Pain (US Women’s (6 – 10))

I have had surgeries on my feet, and try to take the best care I can, of them.  I had some shoes with gel insoles in them, but my last pair did not.  That is why I was pleased to receive the KevenAnna Sports Gel Insoles and shoe inserts.

I have the women’s ones, that fit from size 6 to 10.  You can see in my photos that you cut them to your size.  I used a sharp pair of  kitchen  scissors, that worked great.  I then put them in my shoes.  They fitted really snug.

They have soft memory foam, and extra gel for the heel area for added support.  I spend so much time at the gym,  so wanted to share this from the Amazon website:

‘The shoe insoles feature anti-bacterial, anti-slip material to take best care of your feet. The high quality material of the insoles keep your feet comfortable all the time. Unlike other insoles available in the market, these insoles will maintain their shape and provide intended support to your feet for much longer. Sweat absorption and anti-bacterial keep your feet dry and comfortable. Active carbon fiber remove odors. Stoma design, not afraid sweat, suitable for sports, keep your feet fresh. antiperspirant odor-free, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and washable, keep your feet smelling fresh’.

I have had them in my sneakers when doing Zumba, and boxing, then in my smart shoes when going out.  They fit all my shoes, and I am extremely happy with them.  Over time I am sure that my feet will feel less achy, and I will be able to do even more.  Yes, really.

There are also ones for men too, so why not check them out on Amazon.  Link below.  I did receive mine for free, and really find that they are comfortable, and no they don’t smell after working out.


KevenAnna Pair of Premium Professional 2-way Wooden Shoe Trees, Wooden Shoe Stretcher for Men or Women (Large)


Moobibear LED Wake-up Light Alarm Clock – Digital Alarm Clock, Sunrise and Sunset Simulation with 6 Natural Sounds and FM Radio ,7 Auto Switch Colors LED Night Light

We had a really old fashioned clock that the numbers started partially going out, so got another one, which isn’t bright enough for my husband, so wanted to try the Moobibear LED Wake-up Light Alarm Clock.

This one has bright red numbers, which are big enough for my husband to see, on his side of the bed.  I have it on mine.  First off it looks so elegant.  I love the circular face, and the silver colored metal stand.  It comes with the USB cable, and adapter.  There is a battery compartment at the back of the clock, and you can put a CR2032 battery in, as a backup.  It is not included in the box.

There is a double sided User Manual to help you set up the clock, as it has so many functions/options.  I am going to add some details from the Amazon webpage, as it explains the clock more thoroughly that I can:

[SUNRISE & SUNSET SIMULATION] – There are 30 minutes before alarm time,the brightness of the wake up light will from 1%-100% gradually and take you gently from deep sleep to a refreshed day. At the same time, the sunset at night will do the opposite to help you naturally fell asleep.

  • [6 NATURAL SOUNDS & FM RADIO] – Built in 6 kinds of natural sounds which can wake you up and let you feel the beauty of nature. In addition, you can also choose the seven sound FM radio as the alarm tone.
  • [10 LEVEL BRIGHTNESS & 7 COLOR LIGHT]- In addition to making an alarm, it can also be used as an atmosphere lamp by selecting 7 colors-warm white, green, red, blue, purple, orange and indigo light. And The warm light has ten brightness level that suit all situations you want.
  • [SNOOZE FUNCTION] – Snooze Mode, the light and the sound will play again after 5 minutes and last for 5 minutes. At the same time, the lights fade up to the most high brightness. Do not need to worry about oversleep anymore.

Here are some of the colors:


This is so much nicer to wake up to, than the loud beep, beep, beep, of my older clock.  I love the pastel colors, and also having the choice of sounds.  The music one is my favorite.

I did receive this magical clock for free, and have been honest in my reviewing of it.


Calily Life Organic Anti-Aging Retinol Serum with Dead Sea Minerals, 1 Fl. Oz. – with Aloe, Vitamins A, B 5, C, E, anti-wrinkle.

I think I have a lot of wrinkles, but have been told that my skin looks soft, and hydrated.  This has to be due to the Calily Life Organic Anti-aging Serum, and other anti-aging products I use.

It states on the bottle that it is ‘with natural dead sea minerals and organic extract’.  It comes in a 1 fluid ounce pump bottle.  It is thicker than water, and has a slight pearl color to it.

I have used it once a day, as it doesn’t state how often to use it in the directions.  I then use a anti-aging moisturizer, before applying my makeup.

My skin does look plumped, and looks slightly wet, which means that my skin is healthy.  I still have wrinkles that will never go away, but I know that I am doing the best I can, at almost 70.

I have had no red blotches, or any reaction to this natural retinol serum.

A little from the Amazon webpage:

‘Deeply penetrates the skin to visibly brighten, hydrate and soften. Removes fine lines and creases, allowing the skin on top to lie smooth and crease-free. Reduces pores, wrinkles, blemishes, blotches, acne spots, dark spots and signs of aging throughout the day for smoother skin texture and a more radiant, youthful looking appearance.’

I will continue to use it, and if it continues to do it’s job, I would consider using it once this bottle is finished.


KUBEER Yoga Pants Yoga Capris Leggings Workout Running Sports Tummy Control Shapewear Black

I am wearing my KUBEER Yoga Pants/Leggings right now.  I wore them to my hour Zumba class today, and I did stretching beforehand.  Shortly I will be going for my boxing session, with my trainer Ryan at Load More Plate, and I know that they will be really comfortable.

They are fairly thick, which I love, but have a nice lot of stretch in them.  They are really well made, and not at all tight at the waist.  I hate it when you get ones that cut in.

A little from the Amazon webpage:

Stand, sit, twist and stretch, 360°are free for your any positions and they won’t ride up, fall down, or dig in. Kubeer is a lifestyle brand that combines style, comfort, fit, and performance. From yoga, to shapewear or barre or spin class, Kubeer yoga pants are perfect for everything even a must have for your wardrobe.’

I didn’t sweat at all in them, and there was no chaffing, so I am extremely pleased with them.  They come in 6 sizes from x small to xx large.

I think the price of only $12.99 is exceptional, and although I got mine for free, I would happily pay full price for them.

Check out this video of my trainer and myself.  He had a new toy, and I got to do my boxing on it.  Yes, I am crazy.

Nut Cravings Gourmet Nut Large Holiday Gift Tray with Striking Presentation – 7-Section Holiday or anytime Holiday Gift Basket.

By the time I buy a selection of packets of nuts for Christmas, I realize how much money I have spent.  The easiest way to achieve this without leaving your home, is to order the Nut Cravings Gourmet Nut Holiday Gift Tray.

It comes in medium, large, and extra large.  A great variety of nuts, and all I would have preferred was a few more Brasil nuts, as these are my favorites.  However, they

are so good, that I am certainly happy with them.

From the Amazon webpage:

‘100% GOURMET ASSORTMENT – Includes In-Shell Pistachios, Raw Walnuts, Whole Almonds, Salted Cashews, Candied Pecans, Honey Glazed Peanuts & Snack Mix’.

The box is very festive, perfect for giving.  The nuts come in a see through place display dish, that has a tight clear lid on it.  I have been eating some already, yes naughty me, and they are really fresh, and excellent quality.

I did receive mine at a discounted price, and there is an offer on for you right now.

  • Buy 2, get a discount on selected products
  • Save 50% on Nut Cravings Medium Nut Gift Tray when you purchase 2 or more of the Large Nut Gift Tray offered by Nut Cravings™.  

You will need to check this out on the Amazon website.  Here is the link:


EAMTI 925 Sterling Silver Round Cubic Zirconia Eternity Rings Engagement Wedding Band

Both my husband and I love rings.  We wear them on all our fingers, and I also have several to interchange.  When I saw the EAMTI 925 Sterling Silver Round Cubic Zirconia Eternity Ring, I thought that it could go between my wedding ring, and engagement rings, when I go dancing, and want some bling.

I do have a gold/diamond eternity ring, but this is a fun jazzy type of ring, that I will get much pleasure out of.  It can also be worn as an engagement or wedding band/ring, so very versatile.  This ring comes in sizes from 4 to 10.

It really sparkles under the lights, and is so feminine.

A little from the Amazon webpage:

This eternity ring is made from genuine .925 sterling silver, hypoallergenic and nickel free. The inner surface of ring has a gorgeous polished finish that is very comfortable to wear. Eternity band can be worn by itself or stack with others’.

This ring looks far more expensive than the $18.99 price tag.  Being Sterling Silver it will wear well, and I will have fun showing it off.

I did receive this ring for free, and have been honest in writing this review.

DonKap Women’s Yoga Pants Flexible Stretch Ankle Legging Fitted Active Sports Pants XS-XL

I go to the gym every day so need a whole bunch of sports shorts, capris, and leggings. That is why I couldn’t wait to wear the DonKap Women’s Yoga Pants Flexible Stretch Ankle Leggings.

Even though I do boxing/kick boxing, weight lifting, Zumba, and circuit training, I have slim long legs, and love to show them off.  These leggings are nice and long.  I am 5 ft. 6 inches, and they came right down to my ankles, with a inch or more to spare. 

The material is: ‘88% Polyester, 12% Spandex. Stretchy, breathable, quick-dry, sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric’.  You can either choose the black with a gray waistband, and stripes at the side, or the opposite way around.

They have small pockets on both sides, and you can see them in my video.  You can also see how well they stretch, as I am doing squats on the upside down Bosu ball.  I don’t use any hands, just balance.  I took the video myself while going up and down, on a moving half ball, so that is why it isn’t the best it could have been.

I really tested these DonKap Leggings well, and can say that they stand up to the most strenuous workout.

I did receive them at a discounted price, and wanted to video them for you.

Kitchen Cutlery Set, International Stainless Steel Flatware Set, Silverware Sets Anti-rust Tableware Dinnerware Utensil Set, Box Package (4 pcs)

If you have a teenager going to college/university, or a single friend, then the Kitchen Cutlery Set, as it comes in a gift box, is a really nice gift


The cutlery/silverware/flatware depending on where you live, is a good weight, and being stainless steel won’t need cleaning, or rust.

In the box are a knife, fork, big spoon, and teaspoon.  A perfect one person setting.

It is dishwasher safe, as well as hand washing.

A little from the Amazon webpage:

Sturdy & Stylish: Premium good quality 18/10 heavy duty stainless steel mirror polished flatware sets, heat-resistant, anti-rust, sturdy and durable, simple and stylish, match with all contemporary tableware. With elongated working ends, it is very comfortable for both adults and children to hold these dinnerware in hand and use it.’

I have taken photos of it, and also a video, so you can see the quality of it.

I did receive my set for free, and wanted to show you what a nice gift it is.

Toddler Guardian XL Size Baby Corner Guards, and for old people too | Strongest Available 3M Adhesive Corner Protectors

Can you believe me a grandmother, my husband being a great-granddad, and I got the Baby Corner Guards for our furniture.

Hubby’s skin is paper thin, so he is always black and blue, and we rarely know from where.  That’s why I have put the corner guards on both our desks.  They have corners that both of us have caught ourselves on.  That is half of them gone, and next time one of us catches a corner, I will use some more.

They are the easiest to use, as all you do is peel off the paper on the 3 insides of the corner,

align it with the corner, and push it on, and down.  It states that it will be at maximum strength after 24 hours.

I haven’t removed mine, but on the back of the package it gives instructions on how to do this.

So whether it is toddlers, or the elderly, these come in extremely handy.

I did receive this 8 piece set at a discounted price, and found them to be extremely useful.