Do you ever get one of those days?

This morning was great as I did an hour of Zumba, and 30 minutes of circuit training, and weights.

Our football/soccer team were playing, so we were cheering Arsenal.  I don’t even want to tell you the score, as they played so well, but the other team had the most amazing goalkeeper.

While watching this I wanted to write a review.  I always check my spreadsheet, and confirm my seller details.  My seller is Asian, as there isn’t a name, but 2 blocks with patterns in them.  I checked messenger, where it should have been, then email, and finally wechat.  I did this several times, to no avail.  I am assuming that Facebook have removed them from messenger.  So I went onto my next product, and that didn’t work.  Both my husband and I spent forever trying it.  So I made a video, and sent it to the seller.

I decided to do my big Aldi monthly food shop.  On leaving the store I have to cross U.S.19, which is one of the most dangerous roads around.  I have many friends that won’t drive it.  The car in front of me was turning right, and when the lights turned to green, turned.  A car driving south down U.S.19 ran the red light at such a speed that he turned the vehicle in front of me into the stationery turn lane going north on U.S.19.  The at fault driver had the front of his vehicle totally smashed in, and I couldn’t see the other vehicle’s damage because of the cars it had hit.

It completely stopped the traffic on 19, and as all the people going north would have had a much better view than myself, I drove myself home.

I think tonight I am going to watch our English soaps on Britbox, and put my feet up.



  1. That road sounds scary, but I always find it sad & frustrating when the city and government know of danger hotspots (where as you say some people won’t even venture to drive) but don’t seem to do anything about them to make them safer. x

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