Giving up on WordPress for a few hours.

Fellow bloggers, are you having problems with the site right now.  I did a review earlier, and left it in draft, to come back and put the photos, categories, and tags in.  I have been here an hour, to do avail.  It will just not load drafts.

Is it the time of  the year, overload, or what?  Everything else is coming up at a regular speed, apart from WordPress.  Perhaps I will have to try in a few hours time.

Hoping you are having better luck than me.

Thinking of wearing this dress tonight, with black leggings, as the weather is so cold.






  1. I had this problem too where I was writing a draft in the app, but when I went to open it up on my laptop nothing would load so I thought it didn’t save in the app, but when I went to the admin panel it loaded there. Later on I uploaded photos in the app & they took FOREVER to load on the website

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