Kearui – 3 Mesh Laundry Bags – 3 S Shaped Hanging Hooks) – Best Zipper Wash bag for Laundry, Blouse, Hosiery, Stocking, Underwear, Bra and Lingerie

I have been using Mesh Laundry Bags for years, and really love how they keep my delicate laundry items separate, and in shape.  That is why I was so happy to receive the Kearui Mesh Laundry Bags.

There are 3 of them, a large,  medium, and small, as well as the hooks for hanging the odd items.  The mesh on these bags has wider holes than my other ones, that allows a better soapy water flow.  They have the flat zippers that go right under the protector edge, so nothing can snag.

The large one I can use for




delicate dresses etc., medium for my bras, and small for my underwear.

I did laundry today, and used the bags.  I so love that everything is tangle free, and I know that it is clean.  I used the S shaped hooks to dry socks over my washing machine.  They are handy for small items.

I did receive this set at a discounted price, and here is my truthful opinion.


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