Neeuq Digital Hygrometer Indoor Humidity Monitor with Table Standing and Timer Smart Thermometer Humidity with Backlight

Living in Florida, where it is very humid, it is nice to have a product that monitors it for me.  The Neeuq Digital Hygrometer Indoor Humidity Monitor is such a product.

It comes with a User Manual, and 2 AAA batteries. These are easy to put in the compartment at the base of the product.  It has it’s own stand, that tilts it back slightly.  On the back of it is a large LIGHT Switch, mode, adj, memory, and C/F.  It is very simple to set up.

It has the date at the top, the time, the temperature, and the humidity at the bottom.  During the day you can see the screen easily, and at night the light is really bright.

A little from the Amazon webpage:

Product Features:
→ Temperature, Humidity display (5 seconds to update the value)
→ °C /°F can switch display
→ The Memory function of Maximum and Minimum
→ Temperature and Humidity in 24 hours
→ 12/24 Hour Clock
→ Daily Alarm Function
→ Date Display Function
→ LED Backlight Function

→ Temperature Measurement Range : -20 °C ~ 70 °C
→ Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ± 1°C(1.8 °F)
→ Temperature Resolution: 0.1 °C(0.2)
→ Humidity Measurement Range: 10% RH~95% RH

→ Humidity Measurement Accuracy: ± 5% RH
→ Humidity Resolution: 1%
→ Dimensions: 86*90*43mm
→ Use the Battery: 2*AAA-1.5V’

I know that the temperature is accurate as I have my thermometer set at 74 degrees, and it is reading 74.3.

I really love this product, and it is going on my office desk.  I did receive this item for free, and as you can see by my photos, it works really well.



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