Sarin Mathews Women Off The Shoulder Short Sleeve High Low Cocktail Skater Dress

I have a beautiful dress to wear when I go dancing on Friday.  It is the Sarin Mathews Women Off the shoulder short sleeve high low Cocktail Skater Dress.

The moment I saw it I knew it was totally me.  From the off the shoulder design, to the high/low asymmetry hem, how it swings, and the quality of the dress.

It fits me like a glove, and makes me feel young, and sexy.

The material is 60% Cotton, 36% polyamide, and 4% Spandex.  It comes in black, blue, burgundy, purple, white, Royal blue, red, grass green, and yellow.  Sizes are from small to XX Large.

It is really well made, and a thicker material than many of my dresses.  It was a little creased when it came, but I hung it up on a hanger, and they fell out.  It can be hand washed, or on a gentle cycle.

As well as photos, I managed an unprofessional video.  Sorry, we had literally come back from being away for 8 days over Christmas, and I had clothes laying everywhere.  However, I couldn’t wait to try it on.

For the quality of the product, I think it is very reasonably priced at only $18.99 and free shipping with Amazon Prime.  I was extremely fortunate to receive this beautiful dress for free, and if you look at my photos, and video you know that every word of this review is true.




  1. Cute with an edge of daring about it. I used to wear bardot, off the shoulder style tops when I was younger; I’d love to get a skater dress like this if I could find one that covers the tummy well (have to be more careful now with the stoma bag as it can be quite noticeable with a dress). Looks lovely Susie 🙂

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