Aumy Underbust Corset Waist Trainer for Women Body Shaper Sweat Vest with Zipper

I am obsessed with working out, keeping fit, and having a great body.  I have a slight tummy, so wanted to try the Aumy Under Bust Corset Waist Trainer for Women.  

You can see in my photos that it comes below my bust line, so a sport’s bra is needed.  I ordered the small, as my bust is 34 and a half, and it fits tight, but is very comfortable when I am moving around.

A little from the Amazon webpage:  ‘Make More Sweat Out when Exercise then just Fat Burning, Small the Waist Holds your Back and Flatten the Abdomen.

  • Magic working from your shoulders , down to the waistline, and burn your tummy fat.  The Neoprene material have some smell, It’s pretty normal and would be gone after a few washes. It’s special material increases body temperature and absorbs sweat so you’re always dry.
  • Multiple uses.

    The Sweat Enhancing sauna vest intensifies perspiration in your core more then regular gym-Clothing during exercise.’

I have tried it boxing, and I am always wet from wearing a back brace, but wearing this waist trainer caused a lot more sweat than usual.  I will give it a try doing Zumba, and lifting weights too.  I will make notes of how it works, and get back to you at a later date.

The smell hasn’t bothered me at all, and I have already washed it.

I did receive this item for free, and as you can see, I tested it before writing my review.



  1. Most of the women want to look hourglass and get perfect shape of a body. I love to fashionable life and fashion is depends on women body language. In this situation, women some different type of a problem to their waistline. Now they start using waist trainer under their dresses to solve their all body problem. I think that is perfect work for women who such love her body and taking care perfectly.

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