Loveishere LED Flame Effect Fire Light Bulbs- 2 Modes E26 LED Flame Effect Fire Light Bulbs Flickering Fire Atmosphere Decorative Lamps for Hotel/ Bars/ Home Decoration/ Restaurants (2 Pack)

All the light bulbs in my home are energy saving, and that is why I was interested in the Loveishere LED Flame Effect Fire Light. Also that it fits into the regular light bulb fitting.

My first trial was in a lamp, just to see how it worked.  The first mode is like a strobe light.  It is more of a flashing, rather than a fire effect.  I prefer the second one as it is a steady one, and far more relaxing.

The way to change the modes is to switch the light off, and then back on again.

I am thinking that one of the 2 bulbs I received


, would be good outside.  I have a glass bulb cover, and think that it would look really great there.

Some information from the Amazon webpage:

Product Type: LED Flame effect Bulb
Base Type: E26 
2 Modes:
1st-Dancing Flame Effect:under this mode, different part of led beads take turns to light on to build the blazing flames effect.
2nd-Steady On:under this mode,all led beads is on and keep steady on.
3rd-Breathing Effect: under this mode, all led beads is on and the light fade in and fade off.

NOTE: To change from different mode, please turn off the light and turn it on again.
Color Temperature: 1600K (Warm White)
Beam Angle: 360 Degrees
Size: Diameter 2 Inch x Height 5.4 Inch
Package: 1 PCS LED BULBS
Input Voltage: 85V-265Vac 50-60Hz
Fire Flashing Power: 2.8W
Lighting Power: 3W
Shape Type: Tubular
Main Material: PC+Aluminum
Wattage: 3 watts
CCT: 1600K (True Fire Color)
Luminous Intensity: 300 lumens

I like that these bulbs are so different to any I already have, and make me think of my Himalayan Salt Lamp.  If anything can relax me I love it, and I use it on the mode for that.

I did receive these 2 bulbs for free, and have been honest in my description, and review of it.



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