Levin Over Ear Headsets Headphones with Microphone – Adjustable Foldable Wired Stereo Hi-Fi Lightweight Headphones for Kids/Teens/Adults (Purple/Yellow)

I do have many pairs of headphones, but use them at different places, and doing different jobs.  I wanted the Levin Over Ear Headsets Headphones with Microphone, as they are adjustable, foldable, and lightweight.

I wish that my granddaughters weren’t across the pond, as it would cost me more than the price of these headphones, to send them to my girls.

Straight out of the box, I put the cable into the headphones, and my smartphone, and went to Pandora.  I found Hallelujah, by Pentatonix, as this is one of the best songs to play, and get the full stereo effect.  The music was so amazing, that I got my husband to put them on, and listen too.  We were blown away, as it was if they were singing in our home.

The colors are great, purple, and yellow.

From the Amazon webpage: ‘Fashionable two-tone design, sports style and suitable for kids/teens/adults, make it the unique gift choice. PU protein leather with pillow-like softness, compact and lightweight design keep you feeling comfortable even after long time wearing.  [EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY] Levin wired headphones over ear is tuned by excellent sound engineer and driven by 40

mm audio component. It’s specially designed for people looking for the enjoyment of high quality music and can be used by the web celebrity for the live Internet broadcast.’

I prefer to use my smaller earbuds for talking on the phone, but know that these will be used often, when I want the best quality music, to enjoy.

I did receive mine for free, but am seriously thinking of buying a pair for my granddaughter.




  1. Will have to try these. I got a pair from a local store but they don’t work very well. I can’t wear the ear buds unfortunately because of the shape of my inner ear canal, they hurt, tried tons of different ones too. So I have to go OLD SCHOOL too. LOL


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