Oyanus Women’s Casual Basic V Neck Short & Long Sleeve T Shirt Women Loose Solid Comfy Tee Shirt.

I am not a lover of T Shirts, but I can honestly say that the Oyanus Women’s Casual Basic V Neck Short & Long Sleeve T Shirt, is smarter, fits better, and the nicest one I have.

I really don’t class it as a T Shirt, and have put it with my casual clothes, as it will go great with long shorts, Capris, jeans, leggings, and trousers.

The material is 95% Cotton, and does have some stretch in it.  It can be either hand washed, or on a cold delicate cycle.  I chose the Burgundy color, but there are also gray, white, acid blue, black, Royal blue, and light gray. It’s best to go onto the Amazon webpage to see which is available, in long, and short sleeves.  The sizes go from small, which I am wearing, to X Large.

This top is so versatile that it could be worn to the office,

dinner, and also dancing.  It would not look out of place.

I personally think you could buy these in a variety of colors, and add them to your wardrobe.  With a change of shorts, leggings, etc., you would have totally different looking outfits.

I did receive my T Shirt for free, and am very pleased with it.  For more information you can check out the Amazon webpage:




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