BUTURE Women’s Long Sleeve Casual Knitted Tunic Sweatshirt Tops

It is a dreary day today, here in Florida.  I did have my Razorback top, and sweats on from boxing earlier, but decided to change into the  BUTURE Women’s Long Sleeve Casual Knitted Tunic Sweatshirt Top.

I am so glad that I did as it is really warm.  The sleeves are nice and long, so that they go right to the start of my hands. It’s long too, and is below my bottom.  That really makes me feel cozy.  The top is made of 65℅ cotton 35% polyester, which makes it feel so soft.  The top feels quite lightweight, but I can assure you that it warms you right up.  I probably will only be able to wear it in December, through March here, but in England, or up north, I am sure it could be worn all year round.

I chose the black, with the blue/green/gray striped sleeves.  It also comes in gray with orange/gray/brown/blue sleeves.  The sizes are from small to XX Large.  It is machine washable on a cold wash, and a delicate low dry.

When I go walking with my girlfriend in the mornings this will be perfect, with either jeans or leggings.  Also great for air-conditioned restaurants.  No need to take a cardigan, or jacket with me.

I did receive my sweatshirt for free, but at the very reasonable price of $9.99 with Amazon Prime, it is very affordable.



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