Can’t get my new photos in the Windows 10 laptop

I love new things, but hate new technology.  I have set up the laptop, and seen lots of tutorials.  I am gradually putting in the 100 or more links that I use.  However, here on WordPress, I am still using my older Windows 10.

The reason being, my photos don’t automatically come up on the new one.  I have gone into the help support area, and everyone that asked the question didn’t get an answer.  So I finally clicked on phone support.  They said it would be 10 minutes, and they would call me back.  They did call back after 10 minutes, but I am still on hold after another 20 minutes.  As we are going out this afternoon, I am going to have to end the call.

Anyone have any ideas for me?  You know I am technically challenged.  If not I will call them again tonight, and continue waiting.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me.



  1. It’s been 8 days, and as many sites auto logged me in for years, I now have to change them all. Capital letter, numbers, a special symbol etc. Can’t remember any of them. 😣


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