Amazon have closed my account on my laptop, but I can order on my cellphone.

20180302_092957That is the first thing that has prevented me writing today. I phoned Amazon and the Customer service rep told me it was closed. I told her it is working on my phone. Also I have items I have paid for, and not delivered yet. Plus I am paying to stream, and listen to music. She said someone will email me within 24 hours. So if I write a review I can’t add the Amazon url at the end of it.

Next I go to write this on my laptop, and I can get into WordPress, but it won’t bring up the page to write a blog review. Doing this on my cellphone.

Glitches are driving me crazy today. Hope your day is better than mine.

CRW Shower Curtain Liner Mildew Resistant White for Bathroom Heavy Duty Anti-Bacterial, 72×72 White – Non Toxic, Eco-Friendly, No Chemical Odor, 2 Pack

When the CRW 2 pack Shower Curtain Liners arrived, I realized that last year I had bought the single curtain, at a discounted price. So I am putting that review here, and then writing how it has been working out for me.

‘I have a bathtub with the shower head on the wall, like most bathrooms. There are sliding panels from the ceiling down to the tub. However, when we bought the house there was only one, allowing water to spill over.
I have had a shower curtain up, and it has worked great. I wash it often but it gets build up on the bottom, that sits in the tub. That is why I wanted the CRW Shower Curtain Liner that is Mildew Resistant Waterproof Polyester. It comes with the curtain hooks as well.
As you can see from my photos, it is exactly what I wanted, and really works great. Being 72 by 72 inches, it goes right down the bath, so no water can get past it. I will be using it on it’s own, and white is perfect behind the single panel. Once the shower curtain has dried, I can center it behind the panel, and my bathroom looks good. At some point I will be having that panel removed, and replaced with 2 sliding ones.
Once I have finished having my shower, I do open up the curtain so it dries, and then it is ready for my next one.
I did receive this item at a discounted price, and chose to write a positive review about it.

That curtain still looks as good as it did when I first put it up.  No mildew or grim on it.  I do take it down monthly and wash it on a gentle cycle in my washing machine.  I prefer a curtain to the sliding panels, so still plan on using these.  I really can recommend them, because I have been using the same one

all this time.  I did take another photo of that one, as well as the new ones, so that you could see.

My husband had the first cataract surgery today.

After having 2 appointments for measuring the lenses for his eyes, today he had the left cataract removed, and the lens inserted.  I thought it may be frantic getting ready with all that we had to do, but everything ran smoothly.

We got there at 9 a.m., and he was taken in at 9.15.  I was told that it would be at least 2 hours, the original quoted time was 4 – 6 hours, from start to finish.

I went to a local gym and did boxing for around 45 minutes, and then came back to the waiting room.  There were several nice people to talk to.  I even recommended a restaurant for 2 people waiting on a friend, as they lived 45 minutes from the surgical center.

My husband was in post op at 12.15, and I brought the vehicle around to the other entrance.  He was eating sugar free cookies, and drinking orange juice.  An employee gave me a package with instructions, and an eye patch for bedtime.  He put on his glasses that they give you after surgery, and I drove us home.

He now has to go back Monday afternoon to ensure all is well.  Monday we both have doctor’s appointments in the morning, and Tuesday he has the electro-cardiologist, so a busy time.

In 3 weeks time he has the right eye done.

The photo is not with the prescription sunglasses.

Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern, Portable, Great Addition to: Survival Kits for Hurricane, Emergency, Storm, Outages, Outdoor Portable Lantern, Black, Collapsible, Battery Powered

I had a similar product about 18 months ago, and a couple of weeks ago a piece broke off of it, so it won’t work anymore.  I was delighted to get the  Vont 2 pack LED Camping Lantern.

First off I have to say how much I loved this type of lantern, when we had Hurricane Irma last year.  We were without power after the storm, and I had the lantern on the table next to me.  As it has handles, I was able to walk into other rooms with it.

This one is even better as you get 2 lanterns.  Come hurricane season, my husband can have one on his side table too.  The LEDs are really bright, and all you do is pull it up to work, and push the handles down to shut it off.

It takes 3 batteries that you put in the bottom of the lantern.  These are not included in the box.

I did receive mine at a discounted price, but would be willing to pay the $13.99 for 2 of these.


Blitzu Power + Compression Knee Brace for Joint Pain, Meniscus Tear, ACL, MCL and Arthritis Relief, Improve Circulation Support for Running, Gym Workout, Recovery Best Sleeves Patella Stabilizer Pad

I will not take pain medication for my right knee, even though I can’t twist it anymore, so always use a knee brace.  I like thinner ones, so was happy to receive the Blitzu Power + Compression Knee Brace.  

It is for meniscus tear, ACL, MCL relief, and much more.  I have had a tea in the meniscus, and need to protect it.  These knee braces/sleeves are much thinner that many I have.  I really like that as I not only wear them at the gym, and don’t care what they look like, but also under trousers when I go dancing.

These fit nice and tight, and all you feel is a firmness, protecting the knee.  They stay in place, as they have a grip on the inside, near the top.  I like the black, with the gray logo, and side stripes

The price is certainly right, at $9.99 for the pair.  Many come in single packaging.

A little from the Amazon webpage:

‘PROFESSIONAL HIGH GRADE QUALITY – Made of POWER+ Premium Performance Fabric. It’s ultra durable, breathable, washable, antibacterial, moisture wicking, UPF50+ and 100% Permanent UV / Sun protection. The Blitzu® POWER + superior grade circular knit structure delivers 360 degree stretch for greater flexibility, unsurpassed power and durability ‘

I did receive mine at a discounted price, but feel that they are worth the Amazon Prime price.



QT Lumbar Brace by Calibre Support, Helps Reduce Lower Back Pain

I wore this belt today, and almost every day since writing the review back in October 2016. It is still like new, the Velco works great. It is firm enough to protect my back, and the little back brace got given away. I can’t praise this one enough.


Years ago I had a really good quality back brace.  I loaned it to a friend and never got it back.  I do have a narrow brace/belt support in bright pink, that I wear when boxing/kick boxing, and lifting weights.

However, my sciatica has been painful lately, so thought that the QT Lumbar Brace by Calibre Support, Helps Reduce Lower Back Pain, would help me.

This brace gives really good back support.  It is like 2 really wide belts, in one.  You wrap the first one around you, and then the second one.  They both open, and close, with Velcro.

It states on the website that it has ‘PREMIUM EFFECTIVE SUPPORT – This QT Back Brace helps relieve lower back pain with four re-enforcing struts and two Velcro fastening compression straps. This design will improve your posture to aid treatment and recovery for back problems, such as a slipped…

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Sano Naturals Serum Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Combine for the Best Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging Beauty Skin Care

I use anti-wrinkle, anti-aging products all the time, so was happy to receive the Sano Naturals Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C Serum.

Most of my serums are this combination, and I have to say that I get compliments as to the softness, look of moisture, in my skin.  Alas nothing improves my wrinkles, but this product does help me to keep my wrinkles getting worse.  I have been using these product for the past 10 years, and honestly feel that they do a good job.

If you start earlier enough, I truly believe that it will work for you.  I, of course left it too late in life.  It probably wasn’t around when I first needed it.

I use it in the mornings, after washing my face, and before putting an anti-wrinkle moisturizer on.  You can do individual drops, as it is thicker than most.  Love that you don’t waste any.  It is a pearl color.  It goes into the skin really well, and I love the delicate fragrance of it.

A little from the Amazon webpage:

Our Hyaluronic Acid offers the following benefits:
Moisturizes your skin and keeps it hydrated all day long.
Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and sun damaged spots.
Evens out the skin tone by softening blemishes, discoloration and scars to reveal a more creamier complexion.
Will leave your skin feeling softer, smoother and silky.
Will leave your skin looking brighter, more radiant and younger.
It will even help your makeup glide on smoother, though after using our serum you won’t need to wear any!
Chemists and dermatologists are using hyaluronic acid in unprecedented ways to make skin dewier, firmer, and a whole lot more awesome.’

I did receive mine for free, and am always honest in my reviews.  I update my reviews is anything changes, while using it.

More deals and steals from Amazon.

I really have been fortunate lately to get the best Deals and Steals, from groups I belong to.  Again I thought I would share some with you.  These were coupons that I was able to use to get these great products.

The first one is the QING OUTDOOR
Yoga Socks for Women Non Skid Socks with Grips Barre Socks Pilates Socks.  They came in a pack of 3, retailing at $12.99, and I got them for $1.30.  I am thinking of kick boxing.  They will be perfect.

The second one is the

Massage Ball Trigger Point Therapy Plantar Fasciitis Muscle Roller Ball Massager Deep Tissues Massage Roller Foot Massager Ball Myofascial Release Spiky Massage Ball.

When I get a full body massage, one of my favorite parts are my feet, as it feels so good.  This little ball works well into the feet, and I get a similar feeling.  It retails at $18.99, and I paid $1.02 will my coupon.

My third one is the 2x Core Exercise Sliders Gliding Discs | Premium Dual Sided Ab Sliding Slider | Larger Than Competitors | Use On Carpet Hardwood Floor | Compact For Travel Carry Bag Included | By Proven.

I had seen similar ones being used in one of the Fitness Centers I use, and wanted to try them out.  For the retail price of $13.97 they are a good product, but if you pay more you can get even stronger ones.  With my group coupon I paid $1.40, and am having fun with them.

First off you have to buy on Amazon, and do reviews before joining these groups.  To get started you can go into this link, that I wrote a few days ago.

How to get free or discounted products on Amazon.






Wellvo Sexy Women’s Cute Push Up Padded Bikini Set With Underwire Bandeau.

If you check my blog you will see a number of bikinis I have modeled.  When the Wellvo Push Up Padded Bikini arrived, I couldn’t wait to try it on.  Up until 5 years ago I wore swimsuits, but since boxing/kick boxing, lifting weights, Zumba, and circuit training, I love showing my body off in a bikini.

I really love this new one, and can’t wait to wear it next month, when I am at the beach.  Living in Florida, I get to wear them more that most people.

As my husband has taken photos of me modeling it, and I did a video showing the product, the quality, and giving you my take on it, I am sharing some information from the Amazon webpage:

PROFESSIONAL SWIMSUIT FABRIC – This two piece swimsuit is made of 82% polyamid and 18% elasthan, the stretch is excellent, quick-dry and lightweight, have the swimwear essential features. Our fabric feels so soft and smooth against your skin, and you won’t believe its incredible price. It features an enhanced elastic, lets you feel comfortable and no bondage, also it can greatly reduce the drag in the water
U – SHAPED FOAM MOLDED CUPS WITH  A SOFT UNDERWIRE – Ergonomic design, fits the body curve, this bikini top could help you push up your breasts and small size breasts could look much bigger. U- shape raised part of the cup eliminates your chest from sagging, super push up. Soft underwire, great elastic, holds up well and stable for the whole time you are wearing it. Soft foam pads. Comfortable and beautiful, show your charming curves ‘

I did receive my bikini for free, and as you can see by my video, and photos, it is perfect, and exactly what I wanted.  If you would like to buy it, use the 20% off coupon next to the price on Amazon. Here is the link:


TcIFE Women Top Handle Satchel Handbags Tote Purse Hobo Bag

I don’t have a really nice big handbag, so was delighted to receive the TcIFE Women’s Top Handle Satchel/Handbag/Tote/Purse/HoboBag.

It looks and feels like an expensive soft leather bag, but is synthetic leather. which is pleasing to many people.  The size is:  Approximately 13 x 11.4 x 5.5 inches (L*H*W) Handle Drop :11 inches.

I have a video for you to view, and it shows the bag, the inside, and I explain what it has.  There are also photos too, so there is very little to add in this review, apart from how much I like it.

If you want a bag that you can put extra items in, that is classy, and secure with all the zippers, this one may be a perfect match for you.  I know it is for me.

I did receive mine for free, and am so pleased with it, that I will be taking it to dancing with me tonight.  Now my dancing shoes won’t be in a plastic bag, that I have almost left many times.