Noopel Personal Alarm 130DB with Keychain and LED Flashlight for Elderly/ Kids Tracker, Safety/Attack/Protection/ Panic/Self Defense Device, Bag Decoration

My girlfriend and I go walking one morning a week, and often it is a nature trail.  Her husband is concerned about our safety, but she always says Sue is a boxer, and really strong, we will be fine.

I got the Noopel Personal Alarm 130DB with LED Flashlight, and panic alarm to make him happy.

So we went walking, and I put it on the side of my fanny-pack.  This is a perfect length for my hand, if I needed to press the alarm button, or pull up the top of it.  If you press the button, it only sounds while you are pushing it, but if you pull the pin/keychain out, it stays on until you put it back in.  On the opposite side of the alarm button, is the flashlight button.  This gives out a good light, when needed.

I like the design of the product, and it is loud.  However in an emergency I am not sure if it is loud enough to be heard a distance away.  If we were in the middle of the nature trail, I am sure that unless someone was close by, it wouldn’t help.

It is a deterrent, if someone was getting too close to you.  I do think they would make a quick exit, but I would rather have 911 on speed dial, if my life was threatened.

I did receive this personal alarm at a discounted price, and was not asked to write a review about it.



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