How to get free or discounted products on Amazon.

I have had several comments as to how I get free/discounted products from Amazon.

I have to go back around 26 years ago when I started freelance writing, and at that time I was earning money doing it.  Then Epinions came along, and I was a member of that community until they closed down.  I had to buy the products, go to the restaurants, travel, write about it, and get paid for it.

Then a fun one called Bubblews.  They paid way too much money, that in the end they just couldn’t pay us anymore.

I then joined Elite Deal Club, and am still a member of it.  Anyone can join.  They have highly discounted Amazon products that you can get a code for, and buy.  They ask for seller feedback, but reviews are not compulsory.

From here I started joining groups on Facebook, and a few more sites.  I wrote on Amazon for 12 years, and then started my blog.  I love this blog, because I can write exactly what I think of a product, and do not feel under any obligation to write a 5* review.  I do believe that some sellers pressure reviews to do just that.

I now tend to receive most of my products from a great group, that gives good discounts, for seller feedback.  However, I usually write a review as well, but that is because this is what I do.

Any questions you have?  If so, please leave comments below.  I will reply to them all.  Also I do have my email address on my contact page.


  1. I have been having problems with Elite Deal Club as I have had in the past. I emailed them and the issue was resolved everytime except this last time. I am still having problems getting a coupon code for products. I have to say their customer service isn’t what it use to be, I know other reviewers and people that are having the same issue with them. I love the site because I have been able to get some awesome deals from them. I am hoping the issue will correct itself as I will continue to email them until I get a straight answer as to why I am having this issue.

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  2. I get times when in won’t let me log in, and I keep contacting them, and then it works for awhile, and then won’t. Yes it’s annoying but it’s the only place I seem to get pre-workout, and protein powder for next to nothing.

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