My husband had the first cataract surgery today.

After having 2 appointments for measuring the lenses for his eyes, today he had the left cataract removed, and the lens inserted.  I thought it may be frantic getting ready with all that we had to do, but everything ran smoothly.

We got there at 9 a.m., and he was taken in at 9.15.  I was told that it would be at least 2 hours, the original quoted time was 4 – 6 hours, from start to finish.

I went to a local gym and did boxing for around 45 minutes, and then came back to the waiting room.  There were several nice people to talk to.  I even recommended a restaurant for 2 people waiting on a friend, as they lived 45 minutes from the surgical center.

My husband was in post op at 12.15, and I brought the vehicle around to the other entrance.  He was eating sugar free cookies, and drinking orange juice.  An employee gave me a package with instructions, and an eye patch for bedtime.  He put on his glasses that they give you after surgery, and I drove us home.

He now has to go back Monday afternoon to ensure all is well.  Monday we both have doctor’s appointments in the morning, and Tuesday he has the electro-cardiologist, so a busy time.

In 3 weeks time he has the right eye done.

The photo is not with the prescription sunglasses.


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