Don’t trust Frontier sales reps.

You have probably heard me complaining about Spectrum’s price increases over the past couple of weeks, so really did my research, before deciding to go with Frontier.

It was all arranged for the technician to be here between 8 and noon today.  We got up extra early to ensure that we were respectable.  Got the phone call just before 9 to say he was on his way.

He arrived, and came in.  he knew that we had a landline as we were changing that over, and Internet too.  He asked who we were with, and I told him Spectrum.  He immediately told us that we wouldn’t get the reception with Frontier, that we are getting with Spectrum.  Streaming would be a nightmare.

To cut a very long detailed story short, we wouldn’t be getting FIOS, as it was too expensive for Verizon to continue with it, so our phone and Internet would be on the old system, that couldn’t support the streaming we do, and we could also get problems with phone calls.  I assured him that the sales rep had said that there would be plenty for streaming on the smart television, as well as being on my laptop/phone doing Facebook/emails etc.

He went around the house, and came back, only to say that the copper piping is 40 years old, and we could be phoning them every day with complaints.  There wouldn’t be anything they could do.  We would also be tied in for a 24 month contract, and couldn’t get out of it.  He said that he has Spectrum, and it would be better to stay with them.

I asked why the sales force sell you this package, knowing the situation, as they had my zip code, to verify where I was located.  He said that their job is to make a sale, and it would be useless phoning them.

He suggested that we cancel before he did any work, so my husband and decided that, it would drive us crazy. We cancelled.

Why do Frontier promote this fantastic offer that they gave us, if their service isn’t reliable in our area.  They offer FIOS, but do not tell us that they are no longer laying lines.  We only have 2 choices.  Paying a fortune to Spectrum, or crappy service with them.

Frustrated isn’t the word, but I can’t type what I am thinking.

A walk in the Preserve.

Today was a lazy day for us.  Yes, I do have them occasionally.  There were 2 excellent Premier League football matches on, so we stayed in.

This afternoon, I needed to get out of the house, and we decided on James E Grey Preserve, which is located in New Port Richey.  My girlfriend and I often walk it.  We do the whole walk 3 times, which takes around an hour.  With my husband having neuropathy of the feet, I figured we would do just the boardwalk, and back.

Although the temperature was 81 degrees, there were plenty of trees, and a good breeze.  A perfect day to walk.

I was happy that my husband managed to walk to the end, where it is covered with seating.  He rested for a few minutes, and chatted to a fellow Veteran, and then strolled back.

We didn’t get

to the dock area, as that was enough walking for him.  Hope you love the photos I took.

So proud of myself.

My husband had to be at our local F.O.E. club this morning, so I dropped him off around 8.50 a.m.  I got to the gym at 9.00, and as I wanted to watch the end of the Liverpool and Stoke City football match, I went on the treadmill for half an hour.  Haven’t done that in months.

I then went on the machines, and worked on my shoulders for about 20 minutes.  Came over the ball, and did sit ups.  It was time for the Zumba class, so completed that.

Came out, and met up with my new boxing trainee.  I spent around 30 minutes, showing her how to wrap, and then 3 basic moves.  Came out to meet up with my other lady that I work with.  We arranged for the 3 of us to work together on Wednesday, and it was time for me to leave.  I had been there 2 and three quarter hours.

I took the photo of myself, as I am so pleased with the way I look.  Recently I have had ladies telling me how buff I look, that I have an incredible shape for a 70 year old, and that I look younger than I did several years ago.

If you don’t workout, these are many reasons why, you may wish to do so.

Bangers and Mash – One of my favorite British meals.

First off I have to say I still want to type favorite the correct way, favourite, but it always gets the red underline as I live in the states.

Getting back to my quick blog today, I just wanted to share the photo of our bangers and mash, that we had at Peggy O’s, in Palm Harbor, Florida.  Yes, I wanted to type Harbour, but got corrected again.  Boy, this blog post is going in the wrong direction, but I have been told that when I write, I get writing diarrhea.  Like verbal diarrhea when you won’t shut up.

If you don’t know why the sausages are called ‘bangers’, it’s because they are so plump, and if you don’t prick them before cooking, they could burst open (explode).

We have numerous English, Irish, and British pubs around us, but I will only go to Peggy O’s, even though it is a fair drive for me.  They outshine every other place I have tried.  My girlfriend went their yesterday, as they had 2 for 1 fish ‘n’ chips.  They had 2 pieces of the biggest fish you can imagine.  She couldn’t finish hers.

If you are ever in the Tampa area, then this is the place to go:


Boxing is one of my loves in life.

Today I had boxing with my trainer, and love every minute of it. He really mixes it up to keep me on my toes. We usually do 4 rounds, and sometimes 5, and by the time I am finished I struggle to catch my breath, and talk.
I really appreciate him so much, and it gives me the opportunity to help other ladies that want to know how to box. I have been working with one lady for a month, and started this morning with another one. I get so much pleasure from doing it, and forgot to add this to my volunteering. The only reward I want from it is, the satisfaction of helping ladies to get healthy.
I can’t explain what a feeling it is to do boxing. Many women think that it is not becoming of a lady to do it. I tell you, not only do you get fit, but also it relieves anger, stress, and anxiety. It is a win, win situation.

Love Pandora on the smart television

Tonight my husband is at a meeting, and I stayed home.  When he is here, he loves watching Pawn Stars, (the pawn shop program), Counting Cars, Antiques Road Show, and Storage Wars.  That’s fine with me, as I am always doing something, and really don’t watch that much television.

Before getting the new television, I would have Pandora running on my laptop, while writing on it.  Now I can look up and see who is singing, and listen to the great sound quality.  I only have the sound on about a third, and it sounds really amazing, all over the house.

Why didn’t I get a smart television sooner?  Anyway, I am very happy now.

Volunteering always makes you feel good

We were at the beach for our timeshare board meeting, so I got to spend some time walking the beach.

I started talking to a couple of gentlemen, and asked them where they were staying.  It was another timeshare.  I mentioned that both my husband, and I are board members on ours.  They asked me ‘Why would you want to volunteer to be on the board, to listen to all the complaints?

I said that we must be very lucky with our one, because it is like a family, and that it doesn’t seem like work for us.  Just pleasure.  I thought to myself that their board can’t be doing a good job if that is what the owners think of them.

Hubby was Vice President at our H.O.A., where we live for 10 years, Treasurer of the local Mason’s chapter for many years, has done most of the offices at the F.O.E. in our area, and been on the timeshare one for several years.  He has been President for the past 5 years or so.

I volunteered at local A.L.F.’s playing the keyboard, organ, piano, and singing for them.  Also at the F.O.E., and this is my 3rd year on the timeshare board.

Love being able to give back now that we are retired.









Beautiful Treasure Island beach.

I have really enjoyed our short stay at the beach.  If you are not aware of Treasure Island beach, it is between Clearwater, and St. Petersburg, on the west coast of Florida.

Both my husband and I are on the board of our timeshare, and had a meeting this morning.  I have been enjoying walking the beach, stretching, and doing some exercise while here.  I also love to walk in the water’s edge.

I got to wear a new bikini, that looks and feels really comfortable.  My husband took a couple of photos, of me, so wanted to share them with you.

Replenishing the sand at Treasure Island Beach, Florida.

The beaches loose sand all the time, and years that we have lots of storms, or a hurricane are the worst.  I had seen in the news, that because the ‘Sunshine State’ makes it’s money from tourists visiting the beaches, it needed to be brought back to it’s pristine self.

So this afternoon when I checked out the beach, I saw the dredging at the John’s Pass end of the beach.  I took a few photos, and am so delighted that this is taking place.

As the months go on, I will take photos of the sand, to show you how it is progressing.  Right now they are just getting setup.


More channels than we thought on our H.O.A. plan.

We couldn’t wait to check out the television stations after the Spectrum guy left.  My husband still wasn’t sure what we would be getting.

I went through the channels and we have over 200, a lot more than we were given to believe from Spectrum, and also more than my neighbor.  She has a really old box, and when we checked hers, prior to me giving up so many of our stations, I was pleasantly surprised.

My husband can get all 3 English football channels, as well as some of the European ones.  The history channel that he watches often is there, and the 2 BBC channels.

When we moved to our development 18 years ago, we brought our package with us.  I now wish that I had checked what was in the H.O.A. package, and could have saved thousands of dollars over the years.

If you didn’t read the first part yesterday, please check here: Spectrum won’t work with customers, that have been with the company they bought out, for 30 years.