Amazon have this breach/hack/glitch not only in the states but Canada, and the U.K.

My account still says ‘We cannot find an account with that email address ‘

I have phoned again, and although they know that thousands of us are logged out of our accounts, they are still playing it down. It is now 2-3 business days before I should get an email

We are posting it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even sending information to news stations.

Amazon took our $99 fee, have some of our money locked. Mine is a gift card I earned, and products that we have paid for in all good faith.

All we are asking is to get reinstated. Also if it is a breach, I have me credit cards, and PayPal information on there.

I am asking everyone to help by reblogging this post, and sharing it on the media buttons below.  We are leaving the hashtag #Amazonclosed every time we come online.  Please join the movement.

Forgot to tell you I emailed jeff@amazon.com, the CEO too.

Thanks to everyone that will help me, and thousands of others. Who knows how many.



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