Nandashe Womens 3/4 Sleeves Floral Tunic Shirts Summer Casual Dressy Blouse Tops

I have put away my winter clothing, and yes we do have winters in Florida, and now wearing more lightweight clothes.  The Nandashe Womens 3/4 sleeve tunic top is perfect for me.

It is made of 95% Rayon, and 5% Spandex, which means it is cool, and has stretch in it.  It goes over the head, and has a scoop neckline, which allows your curves to be shown off.  There are 3/4 length sleeves, which go over the elbow.  This is nice when I go dancing, as the air-conditioning blows on me, and I won’t need a cardigan, or wrap.

I love the photo of the back of me.  It fits so well, and shows

in this one.  It is great for wearing with long shorts, Capris, and leggings.

As the color is Army green, I chose a black hair clip to match it, but it does com in black, and blue/beige.  The black one has a lot of blue in it too.  The sizes are medium to XX large.

It is machine washable on a cold cycle, and I prefer to hand dry clothes such as these.  It dries very quickly, and doesn’t crease.  On vacation you could have it in your suitcase, give it a shake, and wear it.  It will look great.

I did receive this tunic top for free, and have worn it, and love the way it feels on me.



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