Yesterday I was informed that my #Amazonclosed account would be back today

I waited until after 5 p.m. my time to phone a Supervisor on Amazon, as I hadn’t received an email today, to get reinstated.  The gentleman told me that they are aware of this problem, the volume of calls, and forms are growing all the time, therefore I should wait until 11.00 p.m. Eastern time, when that department finishes for the day.

I said ‘What if I don’t get the email by then’.  He reconfirmed that the email stated end of day today.  So I was sitting here thinking I could have my account back at bedtime.

Then came this email:

This is Sean from the Retail Escalations Team.
I confirmed your information has been relayed to the team trained to handle this scenario. You should hear back from them in the next 1 business days.

We hope to see you again soon.

Thank you for your inquiry. Did I solve your problem?

The survey came up, and you can imagine what my answers were……..



  1. I know I get items discounted, or free, but I do not review them on Amazon because of their TOS. I always leave a disclosure on my reviews so am in compliance. Also just bought this laptop from them, and when I get my account back, Len wants a 55 inch television. I am a good customer for them.


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