My account is really closed on Amazon. #Amazonclosed.

Being on lots of Amazon groups, we have all been able to order on the app on our phones.  I already ordered a small item on Saturday, and it went through, so today wanted to order another one.

This is what happened to my order today:


We cannot accept your order because we have closed this account. You may not use a closed account to place orders with Amazon.

If you believe that we have canceled your order in error, please reply to this message and let us know.

So now that has been taken away too.  Our large television is getting really noisy, it’s a LED, but we bought it when a 40″ was $2,500.  We found one we wanted on Amazon, but I can’t buy it, or use my gift card, and Amazon credit card points, as everything is locked.  Also paid my $99 yearly fee a couple of months ago.

It won’t let me log in at all to my account now on Amazon, so can’t use Prime Video, or music.  Am extremely disappointed with them.

Why won’t the news people/stations pick this up.  Many of us have contacted them, but no one wants to go out on a limb for the thousands of us.  Now in Germany as well as Canada, U.K., and here in the states.



  1. Same here. I have been a Prime customer for years. I can’t log in. I have packages in transit. I just paid my annual fee for Prime and I can’t log into my Prime Video. No response. No one will help!

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  2. This is just horrible and I would be very upset if I was having the same problem as you were. I really hope they resolve the problem for you soon.


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