I have my Amazon account back.

No email or anything.  I went into the Facebook group that have been campaigning to get the accounts back, and the majority of people have just checked, and found it to be working.

I tried this morning, and was still locked out.  After reading that thread I tried to log into my Amazon account, and it accepted it just like that.  I have been able to leave Seller feedback, so all it good.  I haven’t ordered anything yet, as I took all my information out of their system.

I will change my password, and then put back my details.  So to all the people that blamed us for leaving bogus reviews, the majority were in compliance.

I certainly won’t be ordering the amount of products that I used to on Amazon, as I do feel this company left us hanging, and weren’t honest with us.


  1. I honestly think reviewers will be watched, and I don’t even review on Amazon. Yes, I am delighted but haven’t ordered anything yet, as there are still many that still haven’t got their accounts.


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