Amazon’s TOS. How do you read it?

At 4.41 p.m. yesterday this was the email I got from Amazon, as per all the other customers that had theirs restores:


Thank you for your patience. We have restored access to your account, however, further violations of Amazon policies may result in account deactivation. To ensure your account remains in good standing, please review and adhere to our Community Guidelines and Conditions of Use.

Amazon Community Guidelines:
Amazon Conditions of Use:


I read the TOS several times, and don’t believe I break their agreement.ย  I know hundreds of other reviewers that do the same. So I did a chat with Amazon last night.ย  I don’t have an answer for you, especially other reviewers, but as soon as I do, I will post it so we are all clear on their TOS.

Here is a copy of the transcript:

Initial Question: I received the email reinstating my account. I do not want to break the TOS so have read it. I do use codes, and as I have been a writer for 26 years (I am 70) I write reviews on my blog. I pay for my blog myself, do not have advertisers, never leave a rating, and have not promised to write a review. Can I still use codes from groups that do not ask for reviews.
07:44 PM PDT Soumya(Amazon): Hello, my name is Soumya. I’m here to help you today.
07:45 PM PDT Susan Slade: Good to chat with you, and thank you for my account being back.
07:46 PM PDT Soumya: Hey, Susan. I’m glad to hear that your account is reinstated and very sorry about the hassle.
07:47 PM PDT Susan Slade: I was upset about it.
07:49 PM PDT Soumya: Thank you for staying connected, Susan.
07:49 PM PDT Susan Slade: That’s fine. Can you answer my question.
07:49 PM PDT Soumya: I’ve checked with all the details and as I’m not the one who is trained on this skill, I’ll have to transfer your chat to a concerned team. Unfortunately they do not have a chat support and hence I’ll have to send them your concern through a form and they will get back to you via Email within 24 hours.
How does that sound?
07:50 PM PDT Susan Slade: That is perfect. I don’t want to break the rules.
07:50 PM PDT Soumya: Of course.
I’ve forwarded them your concern already.
You can expect an Email within next 24 hours.
07:51 PM PDT Susan Slade: Thank you so much. Good night.
07:51 PM PDT Soumya: You’re most welcome !
It was a pleasure assisting you today. Have a good night ! ๐Ÿ™‚
My name is Soumya and I am glad I could help! When you are ready, please click the **END CHAT** link. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
Thank you.

If reviewers are leaving their reviews on Amazon with discounted codes, or a PayPal refund, they will be removing them.ย  Also sellers that refund or use codes, and ask for reviews.ย  Amazon are determined to wipe out reviews that they class as biased.ย  Gift cards are a little different as some sellers use them, but many of us get them with our credit card points, and other means.

Would love to know how you read the Amazon Terms of Service?


  1. It’s hard to tell a true review. Every review should reflect the product status, whatever manipulate or not. How to define manipulate, which is a question.

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