Amazon reviewers be aware of “Search Rank Manipulation”. #Amazonclosed

I still haven’t heard back from Amazon, but it is the weekend, so hopefully tomorrow.  Another point has been brought up in many of the groups I am in.

As some sellers are not asking for reviews, as it is against #AmazonTOS, they are requiring reviewers to search for a product, rather than giving them a click on link.  This way it looks as if the seller has a customer that looked at others, but chose them.  In turn it puts the seller’s rank up.  The higher the rank, the closer you are to the front page, etc.

Again this is speculation from a very worried bunch of Amazon reviewers that want to keep their accounts.

So if you want to keep your account, I would suggest not reviewing for awhile.  This way we may be able to get more reliable information from reviewers, that do this.

Any concrete information I get, I will pass it on via my blog.

The photo on the top is of my new laptop, that I recently bought on Amazon, and paid for it with my Amazon credit card.  We are now waiting to buy a large television, and while everything is up in the air, not sure if it will be from Amazon now.


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