Still not buying products on Amazon. #Amazonclosed

I have been reading updates from my thousands of friends on Facebook, and understand that there are still so many, that still have their accounts closed.  They are continually  phoning Amazon, and getting the run-a-round.  Others have had charges on their credit cards, while being closed, which is very worrying.

My husband still wants the big television, as one of our two is old, and making a loud humming noise.  I am still reluctant to order, until everyone has their accounts back to normal.

My account was ‘closed’ from March 31st for a week.  During that time my Amazon credit card was paid, and my points that revert into money, are not there.  I am showing zero rewards.

Amazon have not yet got back to me about my chat with one of their reps, that was at the weekend, and I was told that I would hear within 24 hours.  So this lady who has money to spend, will either wait, or buy elsewhere.

Amazon’s TOS. How do you read it?



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