Boxing turned into an ab workout yesterday.

My trainer was busy yesterday afternoon, so he planned an abs workout with a fellow trainer.  This guy was a third of my age, and said that I would be doing the same routine, as he had just completed.

I laid on the mat, and crossed one leg over the other one, and did crunches, then the other leg.  From here he held my foot, that was at a 90 degree angle, and I lifted the other one.  Then changed sides.  The killer was the Russian twists, with a fairly heavy ball, and feet in the air.  Finally he placed three hand weights in front of me, and I had to have my feet up, and go between the weights.  The final one was my feet going over them.

First time was easy, second time more difficult, and the 3rd time a killer.  He said that my abdomen would feel it today.  No, it was the crease at the tops of my legs, and groin area.  I struggled to get up this morning.

Oh, I forgot to say before the workout yesterday, I had been at the gym for 1 hr. 45 minutes, with a Zumba class included in that.  Also last night we had gone dancing, and I did around an hour and a hour.

I walk with my girlfriend on a Friday morning, so we went to the Nature Park, and I walked it with her 3 times.  Came home, and hubby wanted to go to the gym, so have been back doing upper body.  Tonight?  Dancing, of course.

70 is a number.  I don’t think I will ever slow down.



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